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'Marco Island Writers' and authors announce changes to next Authorfest (Photos)

On March 22, 2014, Marco Island Writers (MIW), out of Marco Island, Fla., made an announcement. MIW, along with its author membership, shared new ideas and possible solutions concerning the past and upcoming Authorfests.

Authorfest 2014
Authorfest 2014
Author at Authorfest 2014, Photo: Courtesy
Marco Island Writers
Author at Authorfest 2014, Photo: Courtesy

"Marco Island Writers was established June, 2011. Their mission statement is to gather writers from all genres and skill levels to help one another improve their craft by sharing information and to be an inspiration regarding writing or publishing for fun or profit - 'We are writers helping writers.'" - MIW

Authorfest 2014 was held recently, and those who were in attendance discussed and announced any possible changes for improvement for next year's event. According to a survey, the majority of the authors are interested in attending the next event, Authorfest 2015.

It was announced that the Marco Lutheran Church might be the event's next location. The reason was due to the church being on the main road. The Rose Hall Auditorium and Marco Art Center were also suggested as other possible locations.

The day of the week (Saturday) for the event, and that it be held inside, were also agreed upon by the majority.

Bottom line is that MIW has not ruled out any options for 2015.

Additional Event Announcements:

  • Table Arrangements
  • Table Fees
  • Regarding value
  • Registration
  • Guest Speaker

Marco Island Writers wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful suggestions. They are taking all of them under advisement.

Six more suggestions were to:

  1. combine something else, like a rib fest or wine tasting to encourage more people to attend
  2. have some book raffles or give-ways as a draw to the public
  3. give authors a chance to tell about their books (perhaps instead of a speaker)
  4. have more space with better traffic flow
  5. use TV or radio advertising
  6. provide coffee or food for the authors

The president of Marco Island Writers welcomes calls or emails with any other suggestions or comments. Contact her, Joanne Tailele, at and (239)784-2637. Follow MIW on Facebook.

Enjoy above video on "Author Sarah Lewis LIVE."

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