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Marche Artisan Foods - you can eat healthy

A clever conversion for a big, open showroom
A clever conversion for a big, open showroom
Main dining room Marche

Marche Artisan Foods first came to my notice when I turned onto Tenth Street and noticed that a building I had always known as a boat dealership is now a restaurant. (Marche's website calls the site a former telephone switching building, but I've been passing it all my life and remember boats there.) Anyway, I was very surprised to see a European-style restaurant there.

Marche is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and on Sunday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Parking onsite is limited, but you can park on the street, and there is a small parking lot on Clearview.. There is a large pay parking lot at Tenth and Woodland. This is part of the vibrant Five Points area that is revitalizing East Nashville.

Marche Artisan Foods boasts a number of local food sources, including Olive & Sinclair Chocolate and Benton's Country Ham. They also serve a huge variety of beverages, including Abita soft drinks made with pure cane sugar, Drew's Brews coffee, and hand-crafted teas. It is the only restaurant I know of that features a beverage list and a wine list. The first time I went, I tried the Abita Root Beer, which is wonderfully good despite having 38 grams of sugar. On a colder day, I tried the fair trade coffee, which comes with refills. It is a very rich and enjoyable brew.

I have enjoyed two of their lunch entrees: the Smoked Salmon Sandwich and the Bahn Mi, which features pork. Both sandwiches come with a leafy salad on the side, and they make excellent meals. The smoked salmon is on toasted rye bread, accompanied by dill cream cheese. I almost didn't recognize the pink stuff as salmon because it is so different from what restaurants usually serve!

The Bahn Mi sandwich is on a baguette, which can be troublesome to the dentally challenged but tastes great. It consists of small slices of roast pork with thin slices of cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, pickled daikon (white East Asian radish), and carrots. Instead of mustard or ketchup, it is spread with sriracha aioli, a Vietnamese hot (but not too hot) sauce.

Marche is also a marketplace in European fashion. You will find the most delectable-looking baked goods at the takeout counter, with more in a refrigerated glass case. Old fashioned shelves offer Olive & Sinclair Chocolates, an array of teas and jams, and other food-related items. I have included a slide show of this charming restaurant, which has made a great deal out of an unpromising location.

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