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March will roar in like a lion - dare I say blizzard!!!

The rest of this week will be fairly borin weatherwise in Greenville.  There will be some chilly nights and some snow in the mountains of western North Carolina, but in the Upstate it iwll be sunny and gradually warming up to normal temperatures. 

The next shot at rain looks like Saturday night.  The only snow might be the far northern mountains around Boone with this one.  It will likely be too warm for snow anywhere else with this one for this region.  Late next weekend, the pattern is going to change.  A tremendous low pressure system should develop in the Gulf of Mexico after blasting the West Coast with heavy rain and wind.  This system will become very strong with strong winds and heavy precipitation.  At the same time, brutally cold air is forecast to cross the North Pole from Siberia and dive southward across the central and eastern U.S.  With so much snow cover, it will not modify much, and this could be history in the making!

At this point, it looks like a full-fledged Nor'easter will develop around March 1-3 for the East Coast with blizzrd conditions for the Northeast and wind-blown snow possible down to our neck of the woods, yes one of those March snows in the Carolinas and Georgia.  I just wanted to give you a heads up that something big is going to happen around the beginning of March.  Right now it looks like a snowstorm, but if it were to track a little farther west, it could be a severe weather outbreak.  I think this winter wants to go out with a bang, and the models agree that an epic snowstorm may be in the aking for early March.  Keep that winter coat and sled handy even though we will have a brief warm up before then.


  • Cathy Wyatt 5 years ago

    I totally believe that it's a old fashion winter. Think you've hit that one dead on the head!!! Keep us posted!!!!

  • Janice Mitchem 5 years ago

    It has snowed several times on March 2. I am looking forward to it.

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    I remember some big early March snows myself. They are usually pretty good ones too with big fat snowflakes good for making snowmen. I could use one more, and then I am ready for Spring!

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