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March to reclaim territory disputed between Peru and Chile

With the mission to take possession for Peru of a land called the “terrestrial triangle” located in a border area between Peru and Chile in South America, no more than one hundred people who begun the march from a province in the south of Peru, were stopped by the National Police of that country in order to avoid a political conflict.

The protest was organized by a regional committee named “Comite Civico Patriotico de Tacna”, which claims the sovereignty of Peru in the area situated in the southern parallel 18० 21’ 03”, according the international treaty signed in 1929 as consequence of the War of Pacific between Peru, Chile and Bolivia (1879-1883).

The marched begun by 10 in the morning on August 27 where participated residents of the border province of Tacna, workers, syndicalists, former soldiers, etc. and was divided in three sections. Two of them marched on foot and the other group in buses. But after six hours, the protesters were stopped by the National Police of Peru before they could reach his planned destiny.

The problem begun after the verdict issued by the international court of La Haya on January, 2014, which delimited the maritime border between the two countries, and theirs respectives spaces for both overseas, setting the distance from the landmark Nro 1 inland.

Then it was assumed for Chile to claim a terrestrial area from that point. But according Peru government is in the landmark called “Concordia” in the sea border, that sets the real terrestrial borders between the two nations.

Peruvian government said they going to deal with that issue with theirs chilean peers via diplomatic and not through these kind of protests because they have political intentions and hidden motive from theirs leaders. One of those, Ciro Silva, said the march was not a failure because they did it until the place they were allowed to do it.

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