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March's Friday Night Magic promo is Banisher Priest

She looks like a boss-level enemy in Skyrim.

With an epic year of guild promo cards behind us, and the put-it-in-every-green-deck staple Elvish Mystic available as the promo card at Friday Night Magic events this month, it would be a letdown if March's promo card for FNMs weren't something really cool. Needless to say, we were not disappointed with the announcement of March 2014's FNM promo as so many white aggro decks' favorite piece of removal, Banisher Priest.

Like Elvish Mystic, Banisher Priest is a core set card that's new as of the most recent core, but we can definitely expect both to be reprinted for years to come. The art stays on-theme with the original; both are female Thunian Clerics using - as is appropriate for their office - blunt weapons as the focal point of light magic. But whereas the original Priest is standing over the viewer, backlit by sun rays coming out of an otherwise darkly clouded sky, and has full plate armor for a kind of St. Jeanne d'Arc vibe, the new version has visibly long red hair, is wearing a more typical clerical outfit with headdress and sash, and is seen straight-on with a crook rather than a spiked morningstar.

Reaction to the new art has been mixed; some players like the hyperrealistic background and dynamic wind effects in the Priest's clothing, while others have criticized it for being too obviously digital art.

Thinking of playing in FNM in March for a chance to score one of these? Let me know in the comments.

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