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March of the Zombies V: Rise of the fashion zombies

Denver's fifth annual March of the zombies fashion show and concert was the biggest and best in the event's colorful history. Local musicians, artists, and fashion designers joined forces to awaken support for local creativity in one enormous, zombie-themed party.

The fifth annual March of the Zombies fashion show was the biggest and best yet.
Jess d'Arbonne
Last night's March of the Zombies V was the biggest show in the event's history.
Jess d'Arbonne

The evening opened at the Grizzly Rock to the funk-rock tune of Flash Mob, a Denver band with punk roots who has been a regular fixture of the March of the Zombies over the years. Meanwhile, local artists and designers put their work on display, showing off everything from jewelry to zombie portraits to skateboard and fashion, all inspired by the quirky and counter-culture zombie theme.

The main event was, of course, the fashion show, organized by Denver designer and Creative to Bless founder Summer Jackson and sponsored this year by Seven Seals Apparel. Local designers Summer Jackson of C2B, Seven Seals Apparel, Broken Perception, Julio Alejandro Designs, and Parasite Eve Designs put their finest work on display. It was clear from the caliber of the threads on display that this was the most ambitious March of the Zombies to date.

Special effects makeup artists Aaron Spriggs, Liz Fitter, and Alex Landis decomposed the models into the runway-walking dead. Each model sported oozing pustules and gaping wounds, embracing the zombie theme by trading beauty for BRAAAAINS. Some of the models displayed the amazing body painting talents of Alan Anderson, wearing sometimes nothing else but the full-body zombie-themed artwork.

The models dove headfirst into zombiehood, staggering across the stage and growling and clawing at the audience. It was clear these models were having the time of their lives, as one by one they tried to outdo each other. From the moonwalk to the thriller dance, the models showed off their best zombie moves, while others interacted playfully with DJ Cysco and drummer Matt Fink.

After the fashion show MOTZ newcomer Fallen & Forgotten took the stage, followed by Denver's best rock band Lost Point. Headlining the even was Reno Divorce, with their driving beats and energy getting the audience and zombified models alike to get down with their undead selves. The music perfectly complemented the atmosphere of creativity and fun that MOTZ always creates.

With an enormous audience full of the dead and alive alike, this was the biggest show in MOTZ history. The event that started out as simply a way to gain exposure for local designers and share a love of all things zombie has grown into a Denver fixture with a mission to foster creativity. Here's hoping next year's March of the Zombies VI is even bigger and better.

Stay informed, stay alive: The March of the Zombies is an annual event. Visit the MOTZ home page for more details and photos.

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