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March movies at Speed Art Museum


Speed Art Museum will be showing Karsh IS History on Friday March 12 at 6:00. The film is a documentary of Yousuf Karsh, the master photographer. Karsh’s portfolio includes a variety of people of accomplishment from Fidel Castro to Mother Theresa. His life spanned from a childhood in Armenia to a late adulthood in Boston. The film is directed by Ian McLaren and is part of Speed’s opening of the their new Karsh exhibition.

On March 26th, Speed will be screening The Bible’s Buried Secrets, the PBS Nova program. The film investigates many long held beliefs in the Old Testament through archeological examination. One of the desired results is a better understanding of the individuals that wrote the Bible. Contrary to other similar programs, this film doesn’t concern itself with whether or not the words are true but why they were even written.

Also, at the University of Louisville Ekstrom Library, the film The Road Home will be screened on Thursday March 4th at 6 P.M. The film is a love story of a country girl and a young teacher. This Chinese film has the distinction of being the acting debut of Zhang Ziyi, now an international film star.


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