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March Madness: Train like the college basketball players do

March Madness
March Madness

Welcome to March Madness and who will you pick for your top team to go to Final Four? It is amazing the training systems that these team players go through day in and day out, whether it is swimming, gymnastics, soccer, football and basketball. These athletes from all sports take a kick in the rear with having to get up day after day for practices and making sure they make it to class on time along with eating the proper nutrition.

These athletes go through many different drills for conditioning and agility. Many of these types of the drills would be a warm-up with light jogs, side shuffles and backward sprints. The most intricate part of training is the strength and conditioning, making them stronger and more powerful in their sport. Many basketball players complete agility training which allows for better reaction time with hand-eye coordination along with the feet. Many drills can be administered to reach theses such as quick agility drills including the “Five Dot Drill”, “Side Jumps”, “Over a small hurdle” as well as repeating this by jumping back and forth repeatedly, but also using a small step that consists of 6-8 inches for quick feet step-ups, which is another key agility exercise that will help with becoming faster with the foot work, and there are also ladder drills and plyometric box jumps.

If one wants to become more powerful in their sport, they must add some form of resistance in some form or fashion to increase more power or anaerobic ability. These top of line athletes wear resistance training equipment and modalities top enhance their power, especially for jumping. They will wear ankle weights or a chest weight to put resistance on the body for more power for dunking. However, using a medicine ball for the athlete in resistance is for more anaerobic power than for dunking. The most important thing to consider is that none of these modalities cost much, and you can become faster, quicker and even jump higher with time to come. The important thing to remember is this is health and fitness, and each and every person needs to realize that they are not the professional athlete, but they can still be involved in the training.