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March Madness: Ten movies with the word madness in the title

If you're into basketball then you know all about March Madness. If you're like me who doesn't do sports, but love movies then you'll love this list. You'll still love this list too if you're into sports of course! It's a fun look at ten movies that have the word madness in it's title.

Let's begin:

1. "In the Mouth of Madness" (1994)

John Carpenter's film about an insurance investigator who is looking for the missing horror author, Sutter Cane. Sam Neil, John Glover, and Julie Carmen starred in this horror picture.

2. "The Madness of King George" (1994)

Another '94 movie with the word madness, though this one is a historical drama that starred Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, and Ian Holm. The film is about King George III and his deteriorating mental health.

3. "Reefer Madness"(1936)

"Reefer Madness," is one of the biggest exploration films from the 30s. This movie looked at young adults who use drugs and how it affected them throughout the movie. The film is in public domain and is named as one of the worst movies made. What was once made as a cautionary movie, it was put in the hands of notorious exploitation filmmaker Dwain Espe.

4. "A Fine Madness" (1966)

"A Fine Madness" starred Sean Connery, Joanne Woodward, Jean Seberg, and Patrick O'Neal. Irvin Kershner directed the comedy. Connery played a poet that has problems with writer's block, women falling in love with him, so he decides to see a psychiatrist.

5. "American Madness" (1932)

"American Madness" is a Frank Capra movie that starred Walter Huston, Pat O'Brien, and Kay Johnson. The story is about a bank that is robbed and the suspect is a close friend to the owner.

6. "Tales That Witness Madness"

"Tales That Witness Madness" is a British horror movie. It's an anthology that tells four stories of how four patients got sent to a mental asylum. The film had a good cast, Kim Novak, Joan Collins, and Donald Pleasence. Collins had the best story of the movie!

7. "Tales of Ordinary Madness" (1981)

"Tales of Ordinary Madness" is an Italian film that was based off of Charles Bukowski and his works. Marco Ferreri directed it and Ben Gazzara, Ornella Muti, and Susan Tyrrell.

8. "Alimony Madness" (1933)

Helen Chandler starred in this movie about a wife that is put on trial because she killed her first husband's wife. B. Reeves Eason directed the movie.

9. "The Mansion of Madness" (1973)

Juan Lopez Moctezuma directed this bizarre horror picture about inmates that take over a mental institution.

10. "Midnight Madness" (1980)

Michael J Fox, David Naughton, Stephen Furst, and Maggie Roswell starred in this Disney movie about college students who participate in a all night scavenger/puzzle solving race.

So those are just some movies which you can call this list, "Movie Madness." Feel free to share what others that you love and I've missed!

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