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March Madness: Shifting Schedules

Full Moon
Full Moon
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This past weekend was our annual spring ahead to daylight savings time. You may have barely noticed it on Sunday morning – even as you woke up to find you were an hour behind. However, the week may have caught up with you, by the time Wednesday hit you may have been feeling worn down, left behind and confused. One thing you may have noticed is your kids – changes in mood, behavior, tantrums and eating. No word of lie this seemingly unnoticeable schedule change each year takes adults a day or two to notice but it takes a week or two for toddlers and preschoolers to adjust.

From experience, Monday, seemingly normal, was just the start of this shifting change. By Wednesday it was clear that all of the children were affected by this hour change. Transitions were taking longer, eating snacks and lunch were taking longer, gathering the small groups for circle, toileting, hand washing, arts activities and clean up time was taking longer. And NAP – what an event it was 30 – 45 minutes of restless children all week. They were just out of their normal mode and very unsettled. There were really no other factors but this time change affecting the normally easy flow of the daily schedule. Yet mid-week brought some very ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days’. Australia sounds nice, maybe.

By Friday finally – some normalcy had returned. The schedules were falling calmly and smoothly into place, activity time was adjusted to make for some needed playtime outside -the beautiful weather was also a help - rest time took longer but it was calm and quiet. Yet, it was clear that the children were finally exhausted from the restless week. Not to mention the mega-full moon about to grace the planet this weekend – so to answer the age old question “Is it a full moon?” and “Are the planets aligning?” Yes – all of these factors and the time shift is sure to throw a monkey wrench into your schedule. So give your little ones some time to adjust it will take them days longer, maybe a week or two. Be patient – it is hard but they are not as flexible as adults. One hour can have a big impact.

How has the time change affected your kids? Students? You?

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