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March Madness is winding down to the Final Four

Time for the Final Four
Time for the Final Four

March Madness has gone from sixty-four teams down to the Final Four.

For those guys who have lost all hope because their favorite team has fallen out of the running for the Championship don't feel bad because there is always next year.

If your man is lucky enough to still have his favorite team in the running for the NCAA Championship then he should be one happy camper. Just think he has chosen wisely and he is excited about what happens next. See the bracket here

The Final Four will be televised on TNT on Saturday April 5, 2014 with the Championship game being played on Monday April 7th. This is an opportunity to really show your support. One thing you can do is give him some space on Saturday.

By allowing your guy the opportunity to just sit back and watch the game in peace will let him know that despite the fact that you may not watch the game with him you do understand how important it is to him. To show additional support you could make sure he has a snack or two along with his favorite beverage on hand. This will really make his day.

Just think if his team wins and gets the opportunity to play on Monday night for the Championship he may have a lot of energy to burn off because he will be really excited. At this point you could reap the rewards from his excitement. What does this mean? You might want to prepare yourself for a long Saturday night.

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