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March Madness has gone to the dogs

It looks like at least one dog has caught March Madness Fever. Check out this adorable Labrador retriever and his mad ball skills. Or watch Murphy the basketball playing dog strut her stuff on the court.

Murphy, a Border Collie/Schnauzer mix, has inspired fans worldwide with her amazing ball skills.
Photo: Zoom Room (

Want to teach your dog to shoot hoops?

In a Woman's Day article Alexandra Gekas gives this advice:

  1. First, get him used to the ball. Start with something light, like a small beach ball, and put it on the ground. Every time your pooch touches it or pushes it with his nose, give him a treat.
  2. Once he's familiar with that, start throwing the ball up in the air so it lands near him. "When the dog goes to get it, treat him. Next, bounce it off his nose—you have to throw it off his nose and get him used to that," says Karen Halligan, DVM, director of veterinary services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles.
  3. Once he's mastered bumping the beach ball off of his nose, you can upgrade to either a volleyball or basketball.
  4. Bump (or toss) a volleyball back and forth with him. Or get him used to bumping the basketball, eventually doing it near the hoop until he makes a basket.
  5. Afterwards, praise him and give him a treat. Sooner or later he'll figure out that making baskets means treats!

The next time your bracket is upset, grab a ball and head outside with your best friend. You may discover a superstar right under your nose.

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