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March Madness at Salvation Army

Salvation Army
Salvation Army

Southern Californians are in luck, aside from living in a beautiful city with nice weather. Today and tomorrow is a huge "March Madness" sale at the Salvation Army in Van Nuys, Ca. Everything is 50% off. On days like this, the store brings out tons of extra inventory to get rid of as much as they possibly can. There are barrels of shoes for men, women, and children ranging from $2 to $6. Indeed, there is a plethora of unnecessary junk, but one can still find some nice clothing and furniture if he or she has the patience to scour over thousands of items.

This is, actually, the perfect place and time to find vintage clothing such as nice cardigans, button ups, blazers, and slacks. This Salvation Army also features a "red label" section which contains items that are shipped over from their boutique store. These pieces are a little more trendy, modern, and some are even designer which will cost slightly more than the regular prices. There is always something for someone in these types of stores and it's intriguing to see what new used items will hit the floor. The Salvation Army also takes donations and issues a receipt for tax write offs. Any items that you would like to get rid of can be donated instead of thrown away. This is a great way to recycle clothes while simultaneously buying other discounted items. The hours are 9am to 9pm everyday. 


  • Nova Z. 4 years ago

    Don't know about this one, every Salvation I've been to was dirty/ dusty as hell, had an 'old funky smell' & was seriously overpriced! Their boutique red label was the most ragged outdated stuff I've ever seen! Sorry not convinced on this one:( stick to real boutiques that are not hit or miss spots please.