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March Madness 2014 listings: TV times, channels, schedules and live stream free

March Madness 2014: TV times and channels for games.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The March Madness 2014 TV times and schedules will let you plan your day around which teams you are going to watch. You can always watch all the March Madness 2014 games online just about anywhere you plan to be in the next few days, according to The Bleacher Report on March 19.

The buzz online today was all about President Obama's picks for March Madness 2014. No matter if you are the president of the U.S. or a college student, this huge tournament appeals to the masses. As The Bleacher Report puts it, it is the possibility that some sleeper team could come along and upset one of the top teams that "makes March mad."

It seems as if President Obama picked Michigan State to win the NCAA March Madness 2014 tournament, but his record on the March Madness picks isn't the best. Last year his prediction that Louisville would play in the championship game came true, but he predicted Indiana would win the tournament, reports CBS News today.

For those of you who want to catch the games online, go to March Madness live. Don’t forget to fill in your brackets to keep an eye on your picks.

March Madness 2014 printable brackets online: 5 free printable bracket links

Here are the TV times for the scheduled games:

Wednesday March 19
* 6:40 p.m.: Cal Poly vs. Texas Southern, on truTV

*(About a half-hour after first game): Iowa vs. Tennessee, on truTV

Thursday March 20
*12:15 p.m.: Ohio State vs. Dayton, on CBS

*12:40 p.m.: Wisconsin vs. American, on truTV

*1:40 p.m.: Colorado vs. Pittsburgh, on TBS

*2:10 p.m.: Cincinnati vs. Harvard, on TNT

*2:45 p.m. (approximately): Syracuse vs. Western Michigan, on CBS

*3:10 p.m. (approximately): Oregon vs. BYU, on truTV

*4:10 p.m. (approximately): Florida vs. Albany/Mt. St. Mary’s winner, on TBS

*4:40 p.m. (approximately): Michigan State vs. Delaware, on TNT

*6:55 p.m.: Connecticut vs. St. Joseph’s, on TBS

*7:10 p.m.: Michigan vs. Wofford, on CBS

*7:20 p.m.: St. Louis vs. N.C. State/Xavier winner, on TNT

*7:27 p.m.: Oklahoma vs. North Dakota St., on truTV

*9:25 p.m. (approximately): Villanova vs. Milwaukee, on TBS

*9:40 p.m. (approximately): Texas vs. Arizona St., on CBS

*9:50 p.m. (approximately): Louisville vs. Manhattan, on TNT

*10 p.m. (approximately): San Diego St. vs. New Mexico St., on truTV

Friday March 21
*12:15 p.m.: Duke vs. Mercer, on CBS

*12:40 p.m.: Baylor vs. Nebraska, on truTV

*1:40 p.m.: New Mexico vs. Stanford, on TBS

*2:10 p.m.: Arizona vs. Weber State, on TNT

*2:45 p.m. (approximately): Massachusetts vs. Iowa/Tennessee winner, on CBS

*3:10 p.m. (approximately): Creighton vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, on truTV

*4:10 p.m. (approximately): Kansas vs. Eastern Kentucky, on TBS

*4:40 p.m. (approximately): Gonzaga vs. Oklahoma St., on TNT

*6:55 p.m.: Memphis vs. George Washington, on TBS

*7:10 p.m.: Wichita State vs. Cal Poly/Texas Southern, on CBS

*7:20 p.m.: North Carolina vs. Providence, on TNT

*7:27 p.m.: VCU vs. Stephen F. Austin, on truTV

*9:25 p.m. (approximately): Virginia vs. Coastal Carolina, on TBS

*9:40 p.m. (approximately): Kentucky vs. Kansas State, on CBS

*9:50 p.m. (approximately): Iowa St. vs. N.C. Central, on TNT

*10 p.m. (approximately): UCLA vs. Tulsa, on truTV

Wednesday: 16-seeds Texas Southern and Cal Poly and 11-seeds Tennessee and Iowa will play to determine the final two teams to make the field of 64.

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