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March is National Nutrition Month - Making Healthy Choices by Merilee A. Kern

Making Healthy Choices bt Merilee A. Kern
Making Healthy Choices bt Merilee A. Kern

March is National Nutrition Month, and we are encouraged nationwide to mind our health through the foods we eat. New book, Making Healthy Choices, A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids, is penned by award winning author Merilee A. Kern. The book has been published in the Boy's edition and the Girl's edition, of which Kern has received the prestigious Mom Choice Award and the iParenting Media Award.

Addressing the problem of obesity in young kids, Making Healthy Choices is a book formulated for kids and their parents working together to improve on their eating habits. The book introduces the fictional characters Matt and Patty, who are obese. Although Making Healthy Choices will help obese kids become more aware of the dangers of overeating, it will also help them to understand the health benefits in choosing nutritionally wise foods.

A healthy lifestyle is the theme of Kern's new book. In order to get the family on a healthy path, Kern encourages parents to discuss the issues addressed in the book with their children through a series of suggested questions at the end of the book. Also, several nutritional recipes are included as alternatives to the 'bad' snacks that kids tend indulge in.

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Remember, your family's health is important!