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March is cerebral palsy awareness month

Cerebral palsy awareness month is March. Cerebral Palsy or more commonly known as CP, is a disability that mainly affects someone's fine and gross motor control. Speech, hearing and vision can be also limited but not always.

People who have CP often forget about awareness month because they are too busy living their lives. When you have a disability, life doesn't stop nor the desire to have a good productive life. Just the day to day tasks might be a bit different.

Those with CP are out there working, writing, going to school, getting married, having kids and doing sports. Did you know a member of the Paralympic snowboarding team has CP? Yes! All things are possible if you decide to do it.

Cerebral palsy awareness though is still very needed. Money is needed for research to develop technology to help improve the lives who have it. Money is needed for medical research on how to improve on relaxing muscles and better control.

So please keep Cerebral Palsy in mind when donating to charities!

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