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March, First Thursday at the Exploratorium

Playing with fog...
Playing with fog...
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

What a great way to wind up your Oscar Party! Take a trip to the Exploratorium's March First Thursday After Dark (for adults(18+) only) Series. This month, on March 6th, it's 'Extended Cinemas'. You're invited to submerge yourself in experiences that go beyond the screen and 3 walls of a theatre, and imagine the possibilities that exist for our movie going enjoyment. View film installations flickering under glass. Follow your nose to a "smell-o-vision" presentation offered by the Lost and Found Film Club. See what it's like to view films projected onto fog by the Oddball Film Archives. That's not all. Experiment with shadow puppets and get to know early experiments in moving images, as well as wearable "camera obscuras". There will be live performances by Kerry Laitala and the Overdub Club and a special presentation on the cinema's emotional influence by UC Berkeley's professor Arthur Shimamura. This "movie night" will be something to be talked about for weeks, months, years afterword!

At the Kanbar Forum, starting at 7 PM, there will be a presentation of Psychocinematics: Cognition at the Movies with Arthur Shimamura

You get 3 chances to see Smelluloid: Commerials that Stink, at 6:30, 7:30, & 8:30 PM with the Lost & Found Club in the Phyllis C. Wattis Webcast Studio

Two chances to see Fog Projections with the Oddball Film Archives at 7 and 8 PM in the Outdoor Gallery.

Trip the Light Fantastic with Kerry Laitala and Neal Johnson at 6:45 or 7:45 PM in the Black Box, West Gallery.

Try out the Overdub Club in the Kanbar Forum at 9 PM.

More of a "hands-on" type of person? Here are a few things for you to do:

The Shadow Puppet Workshop with Daniel Barash from 6:30 to 9:30 PM in the South Window, Crossroads Gallery. Light Play with the Tinkering Studio Staff in the South Gallery from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. Or try Cameraheads! from 6:30 to 9:30 PM in the Central Gallery. No? Then try Thaumascopes and Phenakistoscopes with the Explorables in the East Gallery from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

Maybe you;re more into exploring the installations. There're quite a few of those to take in as well. Try Dream Machine from 6 to 10 PM in the Central Gallery. ​Sync (2011) by Max Hattler from 6 to 10 PM in the Central Gallery. Check out Ghost Horse (2004) by Michael Brown, Wrapped Around the Screw (2001) by Thad Povey. Screensaver (2013) by Jodie Mack, and Worke (1991) by Michael Rudnick all four of those installations are available from 6 to 10 PM in the East Corridor.

If you're more in the mood for films, you're covered. Try 1923 aka Heaven (2010) and 1925 aka Hell (2010) by Max Hattler from 6 to 10 PM in the Mind Cinema, West Gallery, and/ or Eye Test (2013) by 2X4 from 6 to 10 PM in the West Gallery.

Tickets are $15.00 for non members, $10.00 for members, and Lab members are free. There is a cash bar at all First Thursday After Dark events, but keep in mind that some of the event presentations are in limited seating venues, so admission is on a first come first served basis.

Head down to Pier 15 and the Exploratorium this Thursday, March 6th for a fun night of 'Extended Cinemas'!

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