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March equals good health for national nutrition month 2014

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March is National Nutrition Month 2014 and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are urging everyone to “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. Many have yet to embrace the essence of healthy eating or make a conscious effort to select beneficial foods to promote overall personal health. The concept of what foods are nutritionally beneficial to the body is still unclear to the masses. The solution is self-education. Take time to research the foods that maximize health benefits. If you have a health condition, look for foods that improve or lessen the potential dangers.

Begin a process of learning how to read food labels before making purchases at the supermarket. Gain understanding of the additives and preservatives contained in the foods selected and the health risks associated with intake. Search online for nutrition facts of the fast food chains; most major food chains post lists on their company websites. The more information that you learn about food selections will probably scare you into a new regiment.

Avoid foods high in sugar or bad carbs; there is no nutritional value in these foods. Get accustomed to fresh fruits and vegetables versus processed foods. The key element to healthy eating is to balance the daily diet to include foods from all the groups endorsed by the USDA. Surprisingly, healthy foods choices can be cheaper than fast or processed foods. Quick preparation of a healthy meal is possible but it takes motivation to uphold new standards for health versus quick eating that many of us battle.

We ignore long-term health benefits and indulge in quick food satisfaction because the television commercial was enticing. Consumption of foods due to eating disorders or emotional stress, consideration of the risks involved must be taken into account. Realistically, everyone likes to enjoy that ice cream sundae on a hot day, but overindulgence is an activity that should be limited. Make March, National Nutrition Month, a new start to the road of great health.