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March energies shift, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter change direction

Blue Mood
Blue Mood
Catherine Al-Meten

The last week has been a very eventful one, with the New Moon in Pisces, Mercury's station direct, and
Sunday, edginess due to Venus Squaring Mars, Saturn stationing to begin its retrograde journey behind the Sun. On Sunday, March 2, the Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars, made for an edgy, tightly-wound kind of day. Mars also just turned retrograde. If you were able to channel energy and feelings of ambiguity into constructive areas, you may have avoided some conflict or been able to release some of that anxious type of energy. Nevertheless, there is a sense of needing to do something without knowing exactly what that might be. This is one of those times when it is best to break tasks, chores, and projects down into bite-sized pieces. Avoid becoming over-dramatic or anxious about a vast of array of issues that you cannot handle all in one day or week. Instead, get ample rest, nourish yourself well, take long walks, and honor your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and relationships needs. Again, break things into manageable pieces so you can achieve something. Honor your accomplishments, regardless how small or seemingly few they are.

Monday morning, the Moon in Aries square Jupiter, conjunct Uranus, and then square Pluto, may find you waking up in the wee small hours of the morning, with a sense of urgency, excitement, or the need to do or fix something that has suddenly gone wrong. In my case, my kittens decided to make up for the play they’ve missed while convalescing from surgery-at 5:00 a.m. and in my bed, with me in the bed. A wild awakening, that forced me up earlier than I needed or wanted to be. In the afternoon, the Sun in Pisces will sextile Pluto, the Great Transformer, in Capricorn. This indicates that it’s good to have a plan, a strategy, and a vision of the ideal way of doing something or behaving in a situation, even if the ideal is not always within reach. Trust that you have the capacity to organize yourself, set ideas into action, and develop ways of tackling big problems.

Be creative and artistic in the way you approach whatever is out of balance right now. View challenges as gifts that require just the ingenuity that you can bring to transform the challenge into a gift. This is also a good time to hold your own counsel. There are times when it’s best not to share everything we feel, know, or wonder with everyone. This is one of those times. Whatever we are learning through transformation is now coming to fruition, and it is an important time to hold onto our ideas, thoughts, feelings, and questions trusting that we are being divinely led and inspired. When a project, a change, a development is gestating, it is important to leave the ideas alone to grow and develop on their own. It is also vital to listen to your intuition, trust your own sensibilities and knowledge, and allow your own sense of proportion to guide you. We are more likely to achieve what we have been searching for now by allowing things to unfold and develop of their own accord. Sometimes we have to trust, step out of our own way, and allow Divine order to fall into place within and around us. We cannot do this if we are using only ego-directed energy to try to fix, push, rationalize, or make things happen. What was lost, will be found, What was thought impossible, will now manifest. Step back, take some time to see what is appearing before you, falling away (as in issues that are disintegrating now), and working out better than you had anticipated.

On Monday evening, the Sun in Pisces conjuncts Chiron, making this a time when we can experience a major healing. We discover a greater sense of purpose, and can discover what it is that makes us feel we are ‘not enough’ or ‘not yet good enough’ to achieve our goals, to have our dreams fulfilled, or to find our place in the sun. We each have a Divine purpose that unfolds continuously throughout our lives. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, awakens us to those areas deep within, that hinder us from feeling worthy, that make us doubt or fear our purpose and right to do what we feel impelled to do. You might want to ask yourself who or what are you measuring yourself agains? What stands in your way of being what you feel your are intended to be or to do what you are meant to do? Are there old messages you keep replaying in your own thinking, or have you created a murky fantasy life that keeps you immersed in negativity, doubt, fear, or anger? Examine how you talk to and about yourself, and see what wounds you may be using to define and govern yourself. And then see what you might do to change that thinking and behavior.
That is what Chiron awakens in us, and when the Pisces Sun is in the picture, we get a much clearer idea of where we are meant to shine, and where we are hampering our own progress.

On Tuesday, the Moon changes signs, moving from Aries to Taurus. Mid-morning, the Moon semi-square Chiron in Pisces, tends to block our ability to see relationships as balanced and harmonious. The semi-square focuses our attention and emotional responses on our differences rather than on similarities. It may be a difficult time to hear what someone else is trying to say or do, or for us to make ourselves understood. Instead of butting heads, focus on what is going well, or at least back away from pushing and obsessing over those areas where we are basically viewing the world from a totally different perspective than the other. This is a key point in identifying that area within ourselves, that we are struggling to overcome, improve on, or actually notice. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, helps us come to terms with that within us that hurts the most and that which we are afraid to examine. It is often that which we believe we have already handled. This aspect takes us to a new level of healing if we are wise enough not to get entangled in emotional and shadow-type reactions.

On Wednesday, March 5, Venus enters Aquarius where she will stay until April 5. Relationships take on a more detached and less personal. Friendship becomes a valued aspect of all relationships, and the romantic relationships we form at this time may be very different from what we normally attract into our lives. Aquarius helps us unite with others on the basis of out of the ordinary, unconventional tastes, interests, and lifestyles. Whatever relationships begin under this aspect, will carry some heavy weight and commitments. The Moon in Taurus all day makes some nice aspects to (sextiles to Jupiter, Chiron, and the Su) and a trine to Pluto, making this a more pleasant day, emotionally.

On Thursday, March 6 we awaken with an early morning Jupiter stationing direct in Cancer, and with the Moon changing signs from Taurus to Gemini. With Jupiter’s station and movement in direct motion, we move from a time of deep introspection, inner awareness and growth, and issues of authenticity and honesty, to a time of more activity, expansion, discovery, and growth through the way we live life externally. We are buoyed by our growth during the retrograde phase, and if we made choices and were willing to face our true desires, our growing edges, and areas that require growth, healing, and attention, our actions will be influenced by greater growth and abundance than we may have experienced in the past. We step on our own shoestrings when we fail to face ourselves, and Jupiter has given us a gentle nudge, reminded us of our higher purpose, and unleased some appreciation for our innate and Divinely inspired gifts and opportunities. We are armed with what we require to fight off any challenges, break down any barriers, or surmount any obstacles that had stood in our way in the past. Due to Jupiter’s transit through Cancer, natural ruler of the 4th house, home, security, family, motherhood, and affection, we are more connected to that which we need to feel safe and comfortable in our own skin and in wherever we choose to make our home. Additionally, Jupiter is favored in Cancer, and this transit allows for us to feel greater compassion for ourselves and others. We get support from those who care for us, and who appreciate us. And we in turn can express greater love, compassion, empathy, and understanding to others. We have been working on creating homes that are more supportive and nurturing of growth, inspiration, security, and our ideas about identity, belonging, and home.

Friday and Saturday, the Moon remains in Gemini. Early Saturday, the first quarter square of the Sun in Pisces to the Moon in Gemini is formed. The square is formed at 17 degrees, and affects all the mutable signs including Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This week completes a major first week of the new lunar year--four planets have changed direction. We feel the strength of the energy, and will continue to feel deep-seated movement within and signs of movement and change happening around us. Both Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer, support the new moon’s energy during this lunar cycle. Change is afoot, and the first signs may begin to appear at this time. Whatever effort you put into setting your intentions free, will net you wonderful rewards and a promising turn of events. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, also brings spiritual, mystical, and divine love connections to us as we seek to connect to the energy of Jupiter, and on March 6 when Jupiter goes direct, this energy is doubled. Make a mark with your creative and literary projects now. Whatever seeds we plant now, will net us a great harvest. Jupiter also portends journeys, and this may be the time to plan for traveling to meet and connect with those from the past who share parts of your life. It is a beautiful time for collaborations of all kinds, including the romantic and mystical types.

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