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March Against Monsanto, Miami 2014

What do you do if you’ve more than 1000 patents, but no one wants your products? Why you create a need. It’s the same technique used in boiler-rooms and Wall Street to sell junk products and junk securities and bonds; you create a need. It seems, that’s exactly what Monsanto is doing. And if you aren’t mad as hell, you should be.

March Against Monsanto, Miami 2014
RJ Peters
March Against Monsanto, Miami 2014
RJ Peters

According to organizers/demonstrators in the Miami March Against Monsanto, they’ve created, acquired, and manipulated:

  1. Aluminum resistant crops (Primary ingredients in Chemtrails: Aluminum Oxide/Dioxide, Barium, and Strontium) I’ll come back to this another time.
  2. Over 1300 environmentally stress-related crop patents (None of which are organic).
  3. In 2013 they purchased ‘The Climate Corporation’. The Climate Corporation is a San Francisco-based company that examines weather data to provide insurance to farmers who can lock in profits even in the case of drought, excessive rains or other adverse weather conditions. (High UV, Low UV). Can you say, ‘Conflict of Interest?’
  4. This year alone the Honey Bee population has dwindled by > 30% due to pesticides and herbicides inherent within the seeds Monsanto and other agro-businesses develop. (BT Toxin - Bacillus thuringiensis – essentially a biological toxin)
  5. Monsanto purchased Honey Bee Genetics, a company which produces disease resistant bees. Essentially, this means they control crop production as well as pollination with Monsanto Bees, resistant to Monsanto poison – with probably planned obsolescence built into the life-spans. (Repeat sales guaranteed)

This is an abbreviated list. There’s more and the more you know the angrier one gets. I’m assuming you’re a bit more concerned now. You should be and you should be shouting at your reps to do something; because of the some 400+ people attending, not one was an elected official. To their credit, candidates were present to listen and participate. But I didn’t see one Miami Beach official.

I did have some time to speak with Adrian Wyllie, a Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor. He told me,’ We believe people have the right to know what they’re purchasing and feeding their families and insure they have the information they need in order to make decisions about their food.’

Sounds like Common Sense 101 to me; how about you? He went on to say, ‘The biggest problem we have is the collusion between our Federal Government and these huge agro-businesses. Right now we have organizations like the FDA and the USDA which were set-up to control and prevent companies from doing harm to the people. But instead, they end up protecting these companies and making it so they have the ability to run ‘rough-shot’ over the people while the Federal Government covers their tracks while protecting the Central Banking System.’

More to his comments about our problems: ‘The problem is a lot of people blame Capitalism. We don’t have Capitalism in this country; what we have is a crony-corporatist system. And the reason that it is able to function is because of too much Federal Government power. [snip] We need to take away that power and restore a free market concept in America so that these big companies don’t have the kind of power that they do. They’d have to succeed or fail on their own merit and not on the backs of the taxpayer and not with the protection of the Federal Government.’

That’s almost text-book high-school civics; as I was taught. And unfortunately, he’s right. It doesn’t exist in the USA anymore; not with a president who puts a Monsanto executive in charge of almost every cabinet post in Washington.

‘You have to take the power away from Federal Government who gives this protection to these corporations.’ Mr. Wyllie went on to say, ‘Libertarians look at this from another angle and say, “How can we limit government so they can’t do this to people?’ This is his platform if you care to peruse.

All in all, people were united, no problems with the police and awareness was raised in over four hundred locations around the world.

Personally, I’ve been eating almost exclusively organic for many years now. I could show you a snap-shot of what I looked like when I wasn’t. It’s not pretty. I was sickly constantly. I’ve been healthy and disease-free for many-a-moon these days. And I plan to keep it that way.

One way or the other, Monsanto has got to go, guys and gals. Let’s keep the pressure on and get the right reps in government to see to it that it happens before they kill us all.

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