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March 2014 Horoscope

March 2014 is marked by two New Moons and the Sun’s transit into Aries. Therefore, everyone’s horoscope for March is characterized by optimism.

Working out on a daily basis and keeping in touch with your friends maintains the balance of your emotions. The New Moon on March 30th will offer you a clearer vision of the months to come.

Things may move slowly this month, but be patient. Concerning you job, your boss will be pleased with your performance at the workplace and your relationships with the coworkers evolve.

New career opportunities will arise during this month, making it an active, exciting one. Since romance and creativity are apparently stagnant, go on a trip to put things into motion.

This month you feel that you should expand your horizon. It is the appropriate time to tackle financial issues and addresses some items on your to-do list. Whatever new options may present themselves to you, choose carefully.

The first half of this month is marked by romantic discussions for Leos. Regarding business-related finances and taxes, your intuition is sharpest than ever before. In order to reduce stress, try creative projects and exercise regularly.

Career and work-related relationships are your main concern during the first half of March. If you are single, know that love may blossom at the workplace. You will have an active social life, while family relationships could become quite challenging.

Your love life is also influenced by the spring renewal and rejuvenation. You will notice an improvement in your career and your relationships, but finances may need a bit of tweaking.

During the month of March, you will be busy with home projects. Your intuition grows stronger as the month progresses. Although certain personal plans may be postponed, work-related ideas and creativity are rapidly prospering.

This month offers you the occasion to think about your future, so take the time to ponder upon what to do next. The fact that your social life becomes less active leaves you enough time to meditate.

You should explore new areas of interest in March. Keep an open mind and remain flexible. Your love life and personal finances are on the rise. A new flow enters your life, the future unfolding itself in new ways – go with the flow.

If you’ve been planning on changing jobs, this month is the right time to act upon those plans and ideas. Analyze your budget and decide if changes in career are appropriate at this time. Stick to your exercise routine in order to stay healthy and energized.

Unexpected expenses may occur during this month. Most of these expenses could be caused by career challenges, either yours or your life partner’s. On the bright side, romance and creativity are on the rise. Your March horoscope looks promising in terms of future plans.

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