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March 2014 gardening in Tulsa

First Robin of Spring

Even though we are due another spell of winter weather, spring is just around the corner. Robins, the harbingers of spring, have started visiting backyards looking for worms and other delicacies.

If you want to grow vegetables this year, you still have time to set out cool weather transplants of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and lettuces. If you have some of these growing now, feed them with a fertilizer every two weeks.

For warm weather vegetables, now is a good time to start seeds indoors. Sowing seeds is a good way to try new or unusual varieties. They will then be large enough to plant outside once the danger of frost has passed. In this area, April 15 is considered the last freeze date.

This is an excellent time to plant perennial flowers. They will have time to get well established before warm weather arrives. Perennials, as well as flowering shrubs and roses, will benefit from being fertilized now. As the new growth begins, feeding helps to make them bloom more prolifically.

And as always, make sure your newly planted perennials, shrubs and trees are not allowed to dry out. Check the root ball for moistness as the top of the soil may feel damp but the roots below ground are still dry. Sometimes the plant or part of the plant will die if the roots are allowed to dry out.

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