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March 12 is No Smoking Day

March 12 is No Smoking Day
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For those Calgary families who have a smoker among them, it can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Whether you are tired of spending money on cigarettes or chew tobacco, worried about your health (or the health of your family members) or just ready to finally quit, the support is there for you.

March 12 is No Smoking Day. While many people need a method to quit, such as tapering down their cigarette intake, others will make the decision spontaneously and quit 'Cold Turkey'. This method is just stopping smoking completely. Often those who quit 'Cold Turkey' will revert back to smoking unless they have a good support plan in place.

The Alberta Lung Association is a great place to start looking at getting valuable information about quitting smoking and finding the support you need. With helplines and other tools available, the success rate of you quitting smoking is greatly increased.

Alberta Health Services offers many different avenues of support for those who are looking to quit smoking or chew tobacco. With helplines, online support 24/7, text message support, or even group support, individuals can explore a variety of options available for assistance.

Remember that your struggles are not in vain. When you quit smoking or chew tobacco, you are not only improving your life, but also helping those around you. You are setting a good example of overcoming addiction to your children and show them that you want to be around for years to come without dealing with medical issues due to smoking or chewing tobacco. Get your family involved and ask for their help and support while you quit and you may be surprised at how much aide you do receive during this difficult transition time.