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Marc Jacobs pushes the fashion technology boundaries with NYFW 'Tweet Shop'

Fashion and technology meet cute at the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet Shop.
Fashion and technology meet cute at the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet Shop.
Faith Bowman using the Fujifilm HS50EXR

It started as a whisper, a rumor carried along the social media channels and blogs…something was stirring in Marc Jacobs huge empire. Something big. Something new. Something FREE. The confirmation came on the RackedNY pop-up page: Marc Jacobs was doing a pop up that would accept tweets as payment for gods.

My image was chosen to appear on Marc Jacobs Fragrances social media sites:
Faith Bowman using the Fujifilm HS50EXR

Commence screaming. Because free anything is ok, but free MARC JACOBS anything is nirvana.

The pop-up shop phenomenon has been holding steady for the past few years, but being able to pay for merchandise with social media sets up a whole new level of engagement. It lures in die-hard fans, generates TONS of buzz, and is basically the most fun anyone can have doing their social media chores.

I went by the store and was waiting with friends when it opened. It was a crystal clear morning, so there were very few people waiting. Once in the door, we all clustered around the prize table tweeting to win an array of merchandise. I actually won a lovely enamel and brass Daisy pin/locket that opens to reveal a cache of solid perfume. (full disclosure: I also received a large bottle of Daisy gratis for being press. It's good to be a writer/photographer/blogger/fashionista!).

The store was 1,764 square feet of fun. Guests could wander over to the photo area, and get instant polaroids taken. You could hang out and just listen to DJ Jilly Hendrix spin, or grab tea and lattes from the Bluestone Lane Coffee stand. Ben Rosenberg and Isabella Jacuzzi were the amiable Australians who managed to make 3 days of non-stop coffee making look easy. Beverage in hand, you could withstand the queue that instantly formed for free Marc Jacobs Beauty manicures. Throughout the day we were treated to the romantic, dreamy tv spot directed Virgin Suicides auteur Sofia Coppola. .

The Tweet shop is closed? But you can have some Bluestone Lane Coffee at their locations at 803 3rd Avenue and 30 Broad Street

*all images shot by Faith Bowman with the Fujifilm HS50EXR

Throughout the day, more prizes were given and at one point Disney star Bella Thorne wandered in followed by celebrity photographer Sarah Jay Weiss. As the crowd got bigger, people ran around taking photos of themselves looking to take the most creative images for a chance to be featured on the Marc Jacobs Fragrances social media sites. I was lucky and got an image chosen, a shot of my lovely pin in my Caboodles makeup case.

See if your image was chosen on Marc Jacobs Fragrances instagram, facebook, or pinterest. You can also google #MJDaisyChain for social media posts.