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Maragold will release new album on April 23

Maragold is a new band that is going to release its first album on April 23,2013. You should care if you like rock and roll. The band consists of Meghan Krauss (lead vocals), Greg Howe (guitar), Kevin Vecchione (bass), and Gianluca Palmieri (drums). Meghan is the former lead singer of Hyjinx, which can still be seen in Arlington. If you ever saw Meghan perform with Hyjinx, you probably love her for her powerful voice, sexy body, or her lovely personality. She loves you back. Recently, she got linked up with super guitarist Greg Howe. Greg is a shred era guitarist with eight albums under his belt. He has been shredding around the world for about thirty years. Kevin Vecchione, from Five, is the bassist. Gianluca Palmieri is the drummer, and has formerly worked with Greg Howe. The release is called Maragold, the same as the band name. The rock world expects this to be a major hit.


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