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Marÿke Hendrikse talks ‘Black Lagoon,’ voicing lead character Revy

Maryke Hendrikse, the voice of female protagonist, Revy, says that she is her all-time favorite character she's played.
Maryke Hendrikse, the voice of female protagonist, Revy, says that she is her all-time favorite character she's played.
Photo: FUNimation Entertainment

One animé that has broken away from the pack is the action-packed series, “Black Lagoon.” With its’ high adrenaline action, intense story plots and vulgar dialogue, this series takes storytelling for an animé to places normally seen in big summer blockbusters. Recently, Dennis got to sit down with Marÿke Hendrikse, the voice of Revy, to talk about the series and what makes it so popular.

Dennis: Tell us a little bit about “Black Lagoon.”

Marÿke: “Black Lagoon” is a show chock-full of crazy action and fascinating villains! Gunplay, violence and characters generally up to no good, along with really great animation, scripts and plotlines, and music/sound (and by sound I mostly mean swearing) make it a really exhilarating show that moves along like a bullet train. A bullet train that'll run you over if you don't watch out.

Dennis: Of course you play Revy, who many consider one of animé’s toughest female characters. What can you tell us about your character and your experience portraying her?

Marÿke: Fans of the show, and of Revy in particular, will likely be interested to learn about Revy's background: she's tough for a reason... I won't give anything away here! Playing Revy will always be one of the personal highlights of my career: it's such a privilege and really a joy to play a character like this, who is so unapologetic and in-the-moment... they are SO rare, particularly for women and especially in cartoons!

Dennis: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Revy?

Marÿke: My favorite thing about Revy is her ability to intelligently assess any situation, be it an enemy's advance or someone's simple comment, and get to the truth and reality of whatever is in front of her-- she is so quick and astute as well as straightforward (to put it mildly). And I know this will sound so silly, but there is nothing about Revy that I don't like.

Dennis: One thing this series is well known for is its’ legendary over-the-top violence and extreme use of coarse language. Do you think that adds to the flavor of “Black Lagoon?”

Marÿke: Absolutely. The show apologizes for nothing, and I feel the commitment to going all-out with violence and coarse language (though not for the faint-of-heart!) is a huge part of the unique flavor of the show.

Dennis: If you had to pick one other character on the series for fans to look out for, who would it be and why?

Marÿke: Shenhua. Saffron Henderson's performance is hilarious and completely spot-on. Plus, Shenhua's "skill set" rivals even Revy's!

Dennis: For someone still on the fence about watching “Black Lagoon,” what would you say to them to get them watching?

Marÿke: As an actor with more than twenty-five years of professional work across all genres, it is the ONLY show I've been in that I've watched every episode of. I'm a fan, and it has very little to do with my playing Revy. So give "Black Lagoon" a try! Please?

Dennis: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to say to the Toonami faithful that have embraced "Black Lagoon" and continue to watch it every Saturday night?

Marÿke: Thank You. I can't work if there is no audience to watch, so I'm very grateful for viewers who take time to watch 'Black Lagoon', especially when there are so many other wonderful choices out there. I am really glad people like this show that is so close to my heart. Let's hope the entire series runs on TV for a while.

You can catch Marÿke as the explosive Revy in “Black Lagoon,” which airs Saturdays at 2:30am EST during Adult Swim's Toonami programming block.

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