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Maps reveal iPhone owners have more money, Android owners less

Maps reveal iPhone owners have more money, Android owners less, according to maps created by tracking the locations of three billion tweets, reports siliconindia (April 6).

Besides revealing info about your income, whether you own an iPhone or Android phone reveals where you are likely to live and how you are likely to use your iPhone or Android phone.

The mapping firm “MapBox” and the social media company “Gnip” used the geolocation data from three billion tweets to create maps revealing the locations from where iPhone and Android phone owners send tweets.

What they discovered is that Android owners tend to live is less affluent towns and suburbs; iPhone owners in more affluent areas. This makes perfect sense because Android phones are very economical and therefore more likely to be purchased by customers with lower incomes.

Android runs on most low-cost phones, because it is open source software—that is, it's free for handset makers to use (as opposed to Windows which requires a licensing fee). These low-cost Android phones are so economical that many companies that make them, like Samsung, must depend on the profits from their high-end Galaxy line phones (which compete with the iPhone) to stay in business.

Android phones dominate the prepaid phone market—that is the no-contract phone market.

Apple iPhones still sell at a premium compared to low-cost Android phones, despite big iPhone deals that can be found from time to time (and which this reporter reveals when he finds good iPhone deals).

The “MapBox” and “Gnip” findings also confirm what developers and advertisers have been saying for years—that iPhone owners are more likely to download more apps and use the capabilities of their iPhones. Android owners, on the other hand, are likely to download fewer apps and use their Android phones more like simple feature phones than smartphones.

While Android's worldwide market share is 80 percent and Android users have downloaded 48 billion apps, Apple's iPhone world market share is 13.2 percent and iPhone users have downloaded 50 billion apps.

Because developers find that iPhone apps generate twice the income as Android apps, many developers usually develop apps for the iPhone first, and then later develop an Android version for Google Play.

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