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Maps in May!

Looking for something fun to do, something a little outside the box? Want to meet new whole life unschooling families? Join Manchester's local unschooling group L-E-A-P at Maps in May! Thus far there have been activities such as making your own map of anything at all, how to use a compass and finding north when you don't have a compass. Some of the children drew maps of their homes, some of their siblings, and some of their favorite charcter's worlds like Avatar and Pixie Hollow! This could be a great jumping off point for further investigation into the world of maps if it sparks an interest in your child! Thus far the Maps in May meetings have been on Tuesdays at 11 am. You can join L-E-A-P and get all the posts about where, what the activity is for the day, whether there is any optional activity for the kids to have done ahead of time at home. Everyone brings their own lunches. A great time is had by all! You do not have to be an unschooler to join L-E-A-P but you do have to be interested in finding out more about radical unschooling. Future activities planned are letterboxing, making a maps of the Manchester area, marking where participants live and learning about/creating different kinds of maps. 

More information about unschooling families who travel and use compasses is available in the book series called Wright On Time by Lisa M Cottrell Bentley.  You can find the books here.  The website also offers free coloring pages, a store, character bios and movie clips of upcoming books!

Until next article, happy trails!