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Mapping exercise forces exposes a wealth of adult fitness science information

The first alternative  to kinetic exercise devices. Body Oars on the right act like an exoskeleton, to carry exercises forces to and from targeted core muscles without using the skeleton to carry any forces, so warn joints/disks do not matter
The first alternative to kinetic exercise devices. Body Oars on the right act like an exoskeleton, to carry exercises forces to and from targeted core muscles without using the skeleton to carry any forces, so warn joints/disks do not matter
Craig Wise

Correctly mapping anything for the first time exposes many facts that were previously unconsidered. Mapping DNA has likely already exposed millions of new facts that no one ever pondered before.

In the year 2000, out of personal necessity, I adapted the force mapping technique I used at work to trace destructive forces through blueprints of proposed structures, to instead trace the forces of any exercise method, through sketches of people using them.

In 2000 I did not imagine that I was the first person to ever map the tracks and interactions of exercise energy through the human body. As far as difficulty, any third grade science wiz kid could trace these same forces.

By 2004, I knew I must be first to do this as virtually everything it exposed was unknown by modern fitness and exercise science experts. But when we try explaining these discoveries to today's fitness and exercise experts, more often then not their reactions are how I imagine candlestick makers reacted to light bulbs, the first time they ever heard of them. Instant denial, sometimes angered.

Several years ago several other engineers contributed more observations based on force mapping exercise methods, so we formed the not for profit Adult Exercise Efficiency Project.

It's purpose is to share these findings with adults around the world, because this information is not going to come first from the fitness and exercise industry, or the media that promotes them.

This is because Force Mapping exercise methods expose a new science that fixes a horrific mistake fitness experts have always made, which makes it impossible for the average to weaker adult to become and remain physically fit, for even one year.

That problem starts with possibly the most important discovery that mapping exercises forces exposes, that virtually every muscle and cardio strengthening exercise method (wet or dry) people have used since prehistoric times, does not actually work anyone's muscles.

They all work the skeleton, forcing joints and spinal disks to then work the muscles. So exercises have always limited their power to less than the force the weakest loaded joint or spinal disk can handle. So once a joint or disk is worn down or broken, so is the ability to do stout traditional (kinetic) exercise.

Why traditional exercise methods do not work physically work muscles:

Virtually every muscle or cardio strengthening exercise ever taught aims the force needed to hinder muscles, Motion Resistance Energy, at the skeleton instead of the targeted muscles, usually through the wrists and ankles.

Delivering the resistance energy intended for muscles through the skeleton first causes a kinetic cascade of force transfers, one at every joint and spinal disk in-between the hands or feet, ending at the last joint or disk before the targeted muscles, not at the muscles.

These transfers cause joints and or disks to be either smashed or tugged from the motion resistance energy, making these parts much harder for muscles to move.

So the real exercise machines that humans have always used for virtually every muscle or cardio exercise, is the last joint or spinal disk before the targeted muscle(s), because it creates totally new motion resistance, just because it becomes hard to move from the original motion resistance from the exercise method.

The last skeletal part does not transfer the force to the muscle, it generates all new 'tension' energy against the muscles because it becomes much harder to move while being smashed or tugged from the original motion resistance energy.

So for average to older and motion hindered adults, exercise methods that use their joints and disks to opposes muscles, creates a series of painful and damaging problems. They are likely ignored because these same methods can be extremely empowering for children and very young adults, up until their very early twenties.

To verify what I mean by kinetic (all modern) exercises make it impossible for average to weaker adults, to stay physically fit, this recent study from Iowa State University, based on the US government fitness standards, found that less than 3.5% of American adults never get enough exercise to be physically fit.

This Iowa State study covered all adults. It is obvious that somewhere between 4 and 20 times more younger adults (age 18-35) are physically fit, than adults 35 or above.

So just using the most conservative ratio of 4 to 1, that study verifies that less than 1% of American's over age 35, are physically fit. states that less then 20% of adults are physically fit, but they offer no study for that statement, well theyare not lieing, as 3.5% is mathematically less than 20%.

Force Mapping shows this pathetically small amount will never increase much as long as adults are only being shown exercise methods that drive immensely more force through their joints and spinal disks, than ends up opposing their muscle contractions.

If you go back a million years and found zero physically fit adults over age 34, than comparatively speaking, today's over $100 billion dollar fitness and exercise science industries do not appear to have improved that percentage by even 1%, since the beginning of time.

At about age 20, the skeleton hardens into adulthood, and joints and spinal disks are finished rapidly growing bigger and stronger. Now these mature moving skeletal parts need ever more time to just fully recover after being overworked.

By age 30 overworked joints or disks can need 2 to 3 weeks to just fully recover. So the huge adult problem with virtually every exercise ever taught by fitness and exercise science experts, is also exposed by using elementary school math.

If an average adult uses traditional exercises frequently enough to maintain physical fitness, they never give their joint and spinal disks enough time to fully recover, so instead they continually wear down exposing ever more nerves, causing kinetic exercises to become torturously painful, for likely 99% of older adults.

The very few older adults that do seem to be able to maintain powerful fitness much longer I have also studied to find a common denominator, which surprisingly is not directly genetic.

They were extremely active children, often very competitive athletes, cross country runners or very hard working farm kids. So during childhood they were lucky enough to have developed far stronger and tougher joints and spinal disks, that can naturally do much harder and tougher work, and so they also last far longer before wearing out.

The next most important discovery is a real universal measure for the efficiency of any muscle or cardio exercise adults do, which was also totally unrealized and not even considered.

Beyond just profissional opinions, no measurements for efficiency of individual exercise methods and fitness devices appears to have ever existed. It is like saying there is little difference between a Yugo and a Mercedes Benz SL, because they both roll down the street.

I have seen doctors prescribe tread mills for little old ladies. After a couple weeks they do have greater strength and stamina, and the doctor stamps this successful. But after a month or two, their knees or lower backs start screaming pain and they no longer can use a treadmill. Then a month or so later they are in worse condition than before they started.

If the mapping or exercise forces was in place, doctors would know that stationary bicycling is about five times better muscle exercise for older people than running, simply because they could see that their knees are only being stressed from core running muscle exertion as long as they stay seated.

The running knees of an average weight adult are stressed far more by falling body weight fighting gravity than by core muscle exertion, so the cyclist is able to exert their core running muscles two to five times harder than if running, with still less joint or disk smashing and stress than running, while still holding the same heart rate, for the same length of time.

That measurement of Adult exercise efficiency:

Because adult joints and spinal disks no longer benefit from frequently being overworked, the percentage of all motion resistance energy, to any exercise, that only opposes muscle contractions, is naturally that method's measurement of adult exercise efficiency. So there is also a universal measure for adult exercise method efficiency, exposed by force mapping.

Proof that this is that measure?

In any form of electrical, structural or mechanical engineering, perfect efficiency happens at the point of no wasted material or energy.

Because the average adult only needs frequent stout exercise (motion resistance energy) for their muscle systems (heart is muscle) to become and remain powerfully fit, any motion resistance that escapes while doing anything but opposing their muscle contractions, is wasted. If it all opposes muscle contractions, than nothing is wasted.

Note: Perfect adult exercise efficiency alone, does not mean exercise effectiveness. The most efficient exercises will not build any new muscle without also enough exertion to heat up the targeted muscles.

Force Mapping exercises expose how traditional dry exercises waste almost every gram of the motion resistance energy (from the exercise), while using it to smash or tug joints and spinal disks, and that for traditional water exercise motions (swimming or water aerobics), the lion's share of motion resistance energy just escapes into the water, leaving much less fighting joints disks or muscles.

Because far more motion resistance energy will be opposing contractions with a highly efficient exercise method, only firm, never high exertion, is all average, older or weaker adults will ever need to become and maintain powerful fitness from years to decades.

That brings this to the next most important discovery I believe that mapping the forces of exercise through the human body exposes.

A new adult fitness science I call "Direct Resistance" exercises, which are naturally many times more efficient than kinetic exercise can ever be, because they are limited to the full strengthening potential of the targeted muscle(s), instead of how much force the weakest joint or disk along the kinetic chain can tolerate, as is the case with all modern exercise methods.

Direct Resistance exercises aim the motion resistance energy only in the directions that hinder the targeted contractions first, as the force enters the body, so joints and disks have no energy to transfer or fight against.

Since 2001, I have tested and prototyped numerous ways to do this.

That brings me to the next most important discovery, designing Direct Resistance devices.

I first developed a new class of non kinetic water exercise devices I call Body Oars, because of their use fullness for people who could not even do any traditional core running exercise.

I used water first, as it offers many abilities without machinery, that must be mechanically built into dry Direct Resistance machines. But Direct Resistance methods can be designed for use anywhere, I think they will even prove most perfect for space travel.

Force Mapping has enabled me to design many devices that I cannot show off yet, but I do show off several of nearly twenty variations of Body Oars, that do many powerful things for almost all adults.

Countless millions maybe billions of older, weaker and motion hindered adults, even millions too old or hindered to walk well, can use the most basic version of Lower Body Oars, I call LOBOS, to drive a marathon worth of motion resistance against just the contractions of their large core running and abdominal muscles, while gently holding their ideal heart rates.

See the illustration, which compares Body Oars to running on a tread mill, to realize that the motion resistance is all and only directly opposing core muscle contractions. No forces are moving up or down the leg bones or spine, so no smashing or tugging happens. Only the muscle systems handle much force.

LOBOS can allow millions of adults and motion hindered people to exert their large core muscles up to hundreds of times harder, deeper and farther than warn down or disabled joints and disks could ever tolerate while doing traditional exercise, or anything else for that matter.

In ten minutes LOBOS can direct more motion resistance energy against core muscles than many of these people may have opposed in months, or even years doing everything combined.

LOBOS are so efficient that only very gentle but full range exertion is needed to massively strengthen older and weaker bodies, and without any joint or spinal stress or pain during the workout.

A similar version can also allow a pro athlete, even an NFL lineman at 400 pounds, to run core mobility muscle marathon applying still more exertion than the strongest knee on earth could handle while running, and he could also do this only days after braking a lower leg or foot, or separating an ACL in his knee.

No kinetic exercise on earth can do these things, but this is just a few of the many things never seen before about exercise that engineering science exposes about it.

The Direct Resistance method Body Oars use, is like strapping on an exoskeleton to carry all the exercises forces to and from the core muscles, that bones carry during traditional core running muscle exercises. But Body Oars are just one of numerous ways to do this, that force mapping exposes.

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