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'Mapp And Lucia: The Complete Collection' DVD Review

Mapp And Lucia: The Complete Collection
Mapp And Lucia: The Complete Collection

Emmeline "Lucia" Lucas (Geraldine McEwan) wants to spend the summer down by the seaside village of Tilling. She wants to rent a house from Elizabeth Mapp (Prunella Scales). Now Mapp is the queen of Tilling. If something happens in the village, Mapp usually has her hands in it. Here comes Lucas and her friend Georgie (Nigel Hawthorne) and they do make a show of it when they first arrive in Tilling.

Lucas is just widowed and is ready for a change. In her own village Riseholme she is like the queen. Here in Tilling she is the outsider but she is making acquaintances very quickly. Everybody is coming around to meet the new person. She runs into an artist by the name of Irene and a major named Benjy. She will meet a vicar from Birmingham yet who has a Scottish accent. In other words the "characters" are meeting the character.

Right off the start Lucas (Lucia) will upset Mapp when the piano that Mapp is saying is worth a lot of money is actually worth nothing and must be removed from Lucas' sight. It's just little things like that will keep you laughing all the through this show.

Putting these woman together is pure genius. They work off each very well and make one heck of a team. Nigel Hawthorne is great as Georgie. The comedy between the trio is fantastic.

Acorn is bringing us the complete collection for our viewing pleasure on DVD this March 25, 2014. The quality of the visual and sound on this DVD set are excellent. This is definitely one for your library.

These two women, Mapp and Lucia, are just supposed to be together for the summer but it gets even better when Lucia (Lucas) decides to stay in Tilling permanently. They really make the village jump after that. No one can stand up to these two women but when it comes to the two backing down to each other, well that will never happen. So take the time and pick this one up and enjoy the shenanigans that Mapp and Lucia take out on the unsuspecting villagers of Tilling.