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Maple sugar time at Prophetstown State Park, March 22-23

Woodland Indian Education demonstrating maple sugar processing.
Woodland Indian Education demonstrating maple sugar processing.
Courtesy of Woodland Indian Education

Prophetstown State Park (link) will host maple sugar processing, old style. Mark and Jessie Eaton from Woodland Indian Education (link) will be processing maple sap as it would have been done in the hey days of the Prophetstown Village, early 1800’s.

By the 1800’s, most tribes had adopted cooking with metal kettles and pans. There were folks at Prophetstown who wanted to eliminate European ways. They eschewed fabric and went back to animal pelts, perhaps they also quit using metal cookware. Jessie will also have a display of maple sugar processing without metal pots.

Angie Manuel, the park’s naturalist, will lead hikes from the village to tapped trees to complete the experience of maple sugar time.

This is a unique opportunity as most of the state’s maple sugar processing demos are of modern techniques.

You can park at the farm parking lot and take the trail or park at the main office for a shorter trail.

The gate will be taking fees, 6$ for instate cars, 8$ out of state cars.

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