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‘Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero’ acquired by Sentai Filmworks

Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero
© 2013 Touno Mamare/Published by Enterbrain, Inc./Project Maoyu

Sentai Filmworks announced earlier today, that it has acquired the romantic comedy anime series “Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero” for release in North America.

Featuring animation by Arms Corporation (Samurai Girls), “Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero” is based on the series of light novels by Mamare Touno. The anime series is directed by Takeo Takahashi (Spice and Wolf), and features series composition by Naruhisa Arakawa (Outbreak Company) and music from Takeshi Hama (Kobato). The series began airing in Japan in January 2014.

The story of “Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero” follows the journey of Hero, who after storming the castle of the Demon King, whom mankind has fought the past 15 years, is surprised to learn that the king is actually a queen, and she has a proposition for him. Because a sudden end to the war would create a power vacuum that could lead to civil war, the queen asks Hero to work with her in order to bring democracy and advanced technology to the humans and ensure lasting prosperity for both sides. Now Hero must decide, is this a deal with the devil, or can the good guy and the bad girl actually bring peace to world.

“Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero” will be available through select digital outlets soon and a home video release is also planned, however no official release date has been given by Sentai Filmworks at this time.

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