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'Manzo'd With Children' star Lauren Manzo loses 20 pounds

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Lauren Manzo underwent a breast reduction last year and a lap band procedure the year before, and now, the Manzo'd With Children star focused on doing whatever it takes to maintain her healthy size. As a result, she's dropped 20 pounds!

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“I’m exercising five times per week, including free weight training and I squat a lot. I actually work to complete 100 additional squats per day on top of the other activities I do in the gym. I put a butt workout into every work out I do,” she revealed to Radar Online on March 3. “I’ve been making sure I eat breakfast everyday… I also eat lots of protein and vegetables, and I stay away from the salt. Also, I cut out Splenda completely and drastically reduced my wine intake to basically none, which I think had a lot to do with the weight coming off so quickly."

Although she has lost a lot of weight since beginning her diet and exercise routine, Manzo says she isn't at her goal weight quite yet and that she hopes to lose an additional 10-15 pounds by next month.

In April, Manzo, who became engaged at the end of 2013, will celebrate her engagement party and hopes to be small enough to fit into a "cute dress" she recently bought.

After that, Manzo wants to lose another 25 pounds by summer.

With a wedding set to go down in 2015, Manzo is already planning but won't begin dress shopping until May. At that point, she will put the wheels in motion and hopefully find the perfect dress.