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‘Manzo’d With Children’ confirmed by Bravo; Caroline Manzo gets new reality show

Caroline Manzo gets her own Bravo reality show
Caroline Manzo gets her own Bravo reality show
Photo by Cindy Ord

Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally got her own Bravo spin-off show. On Tuesday Bravo confirmed that Caroline Manzo along with the rest of her family will be seen in the new reality show Manzo'd With Children. Fans couldn't be more excited about the news as it cuts out the cast from her previous reality show and focuses on the Manzo family which is a tight-knit group. According to Reality Tea on Tuesday, the spin-off promises a softer and fun approach which doesn't appear to have so much drama.

Caroline Manzo has been wanting her own reality show for a very long time. And fans definitely support the idea. Always the calm, cool and collective person when it came to crazy situations over the past five years on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the star seemed out of place sometimes on the series. Yes, she had her own circumstances with drama, but it was within the context of working things out with the family and not making a scene. Plus, she offered up some great antics as the reality star is very funny.

With the confirmation that the show is going to be aired on Bravo, the fans can hardly wait to see what the family offers up. In a sneak peek released on Tuesday, E! online is reporting plenty of fun in the preview with a food fight, a hummus detox facial mask and a chance to see the family bond.

There has been no decision on when Manzo'd With Children will air, but Bravo should announce the time slots very soon.