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Johnny Manziel middle finger inspires internet meme: Manziel flips the bird

Manziel flips the bird
Manziel flips the bird
Ryan Nanni /Twitter

Johnny Manziel's middle finger has inspired the latest hot internet meme.

Manziel flips the bird, and the internet immediately responds with a new meme. Fans of internet memes in general and of Johnny Manziel in particular are having a field day with this one. On Monday night, the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback lifted his middle finger in defiance during a game. With cameras covering the event, it's no surprise that Manziel flipping the bird was immortalized for all eternity. Now the good denizens of the internet are making sure the moment is never forgotten.

There are plenty of clever people on the internet more than willing to Photoshop a variety of different backgrounds to provide visual interest to Johnny Manziel's middle finger in a series of doctored photos. Manziel lifted his middle finger at the Washington Redskins' bench as he returned to the huddle late in the third quarter of the game on August 18, 2014. According to Bleacher Report, plenty of people found the "juvenile" obscene gesture amusing.

Bleacher Report pointed out the silver lining in Monday night's dark cloud. Manziel threw the only touchdown against the Redskins despite his bad behavior.

While the photo at the top of the page showing the moment when Manziel flips the bird inserted into the the Sistine Chapel's Creation of Adam by Michelangelo has had the offending finger blurred out to make it safe for work, social media is teeming with NSFW versions of the viral meme featuring Johnny Manziel's middle finger.

According to an ABC 7 report, Manziel flipped the bird in response to mocking from members of the opposing team.
When someone like Johnny Manziel flips the bird, there's bound to be fallout. The quarterback has already issued a mea culpa of sorts along with an explanation and a pledge to do better in the future. An actual apology was absent from his statement.

"I get words exchanged throughout the entirety of the game, every game, every week. It was a Monday Night Football game, and the cameras were probably solid on me, and I just need to be smarter about that. . . . It's there, and it's present every game, and I just need to let it slide off my back and go to the next play."

Manziel and the Cleveland Browns lost Monday night's game 24-23 to the Washington Redskins, but Johnny Manziel's middle finger will live on in infamy.

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