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Many question declaration that carcasses on beach are not dogs

Otters, Raccoons, or dogs?
Otters, Raccoons, or dogs?
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According to NBC 40 News, last week, a New Jersey couple made a gruesome discovery along the shore of Dennis Creek.

Otter bodies or ?
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The couple, Selena and Walt Sutton, observed bodies strewn across the muddy shores - they believed that the dead animals were dogs who had been shot and dumped.

Walt Sutton stated:

I couldn't tell what they were and I just thought it was weird that there were 15 of them just strewing about in the water, seagulls feeding on them. Then when I looked closer I saw what looked like bullet holes in the back of their head,"

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife officials initially stated that the carcasses were those of river otters who had been killed and skinned by area trappers, but their determination of what the animals are has fallen flat with many people who have observed the photo.

One person who left a comment on the NBC 40 publication stated:

THAT'S IT.....I would like the name of this so called "game warden". Growing up on the river and my father and step father were both trappers. THESE ARE NOT RIVER OTTERS..! I am completely sickened by the fact that this looks like a cover up

Another wrote:

Google "dead skinned river otters". There's a pic. Compare. Looks nothing like these animals. If you believe that baloney, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale!

According to the Cinnaminson Patch, the wildlife officials later changed their mind and declared that the carcasses were actually raccoons.

An area resident visited the disturbing scene herself and after seeing the bodies, she felt that she was seeing carcasses of dogs - in her opinion, pit bulls.

Whoever dumped the bodies will be in trouble for illegal dumping. if they are identified.

Warning - Graphic photo included in slideshow

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