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Many poor people in Miami are living on $11 a day

There has been a widening divide between the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor in the United States which is shocking. The realities of this situation simply means that American capitalism is not working. How bad things are for the poor in America is highlighted in Miami where the poor often live on $11 a day reports Bloomberg on May 3, 2014. Just blocks away from luxury high rise condos financed with money from Venezuela, Hong Kong and Argentina locals are struggling to survive on as little as $11 a day.

Food being given out to poor people at the Curly's House Hope Relief Food Bank on in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In fact there is actually a real estate boom in Miami. However, the most recent influx of capital in Miami is widening inequality in a city where the pathetic uneven distribution of wealth more closely resembles a struggling developing country than the most advanced industrialized nation. Income inequality in Miami is the third-highest among U.S. cities after Atlanta and New Orleans. And the staggering income inequality in Miami is higher than in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and mirrors that in Mexico City.

Things are so bad in Miami there was a cannibal incident two years ago when some hungry person ate a homeless guy’s face. Rudy Eugene was shot to death by police in May 2012 as he was gnawing at a homeless man in an unusually bizarre attack beneath a causeway to the beach. Yet, amidst all of this tragedy Miami ranked No. 7, above Dubai, Paris and Beijing, among cities that matter most to high-net-worth investors in the 2014 Wealth Report by London-based consulting firm Knight Frank LLP.

Over the years the US census ranked the Miami poverty rate among the highest in the United States reports Miami Today. Overall Miami has been found to have one of the highest poverty rates and one of the lowest median incomes among large US cities. Miami’s poverty rate has been placed at 26.9 percent which is well above the national average of 13.3 percent. Meanwhile, median housing prices are high in Miami therefore helping to generate even more homelessness.

This situation is a disgrace and is a reflection of the widening gap between the extremely wealthy and the poor across the entire United States. To imply that most of the poor people in the United States simply are not as intelligent or capable as those who are extremely wealthy generally does not make sense in view of the mandatory education laws in the nation.

The bottom line is the US system is failing for most of the people in the country. There is no excuse for extremely wealthy elitists in the country such as psychiatrists along with other doctors and nurses who work with them and a corrupt and abusive US government which endorses them to be allowed to continue to feed off of throwing capable people down into the life threatening quicksand of poverty. In fact this is all amounts to crimes against humanity.

Careful consideration of the riots and literal bloody civil wars which have emerged across the world due largely to similar horrible economic injustices should wake those people with the most money and power in the United States and the US government up to the need for drastic and quick action to deal with this disaster. Everyone should remember poverty is very painful and kills.

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