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Many of the stars of 'Amish Mafia' may be coming back to the show

Amish Mafia
Amish Mafia
Discovery Channel

When "Amish Mafia" ended their season, fans wondered if the show would ever return to television. On the season finale, the cast of "Amish Mafia" told the film crew they were done with the show. No more filming. They accused the producer and cameramen of putting things on TV that should never have been exposed. They wanted everyone connected with the filming of the show to get off their land. However, according to Enstarz, that big “We quit” scene, may have been totally faked. It seems that the cast are already filming episodes for season 4.

Lebanon Levi sort of confirms the rumors on his Twitter feed. Fans have asked him whether they are coming back and his answer to one fan was, "@alenna-renee a good chance.”

When this fan asked Lebanon when to expect the show back on the air, he wrote, “Not sure yet.”

During a recent meet and greet, Esther and her brother John were asked about their role on "Amish Mafia." They replied that they didn't know if they would return for season four. Esther said, "We're going to negotiate. There are certain things that have aired that we haven't been happy with. If we can come to an agreement and meet in the middle, then maybe."

Amish Mafia’s Facebook page has a photo of Esther and Lebanon standing outside a house. The message reads, “Though they'll no longer talk to us or our camera crews, Esther and Levi have been seen together in Lancaster.” Another picture shows Lebanon, Jolin and Alvin standing with their backs to the camera. The caption on this one reads, “The #AmishMafia have turned their backs on the English world. Will this be the last we see of them?”

Do you think that they will be back on the show? Do you think the show will come back? Write your thoughts below in the comment section.

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