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Many not surprised over Obama's "no strategy"

No ISIS strategy in place according to Obama
No ISIS strategy in place according to Obama
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Barack Obama did his best to underplay the prospect of imminent United States military action on Thursday in Syria. He openly admitted there was no strategy in place for dealing with the violent, Islam militant group that is attempting to establish a Middle East caliphate. Mr. Obama made a short address prior to consulting with national security advisers concerning the various Pentagon options for confronting the dangerous, radical group responsible for outrageous acts of violence. However, he claimed that whenever a strategy is finally agreed upon it will require political support from other countries, rather than just military action from the United States.

Obama and his team are attempting to lower the expectation of the public for a United States response to both the advance of Russian armies in Ukraine and Islamist terrorists in the Middle East. However, a new poll indicates that expectations could not be any lower than they are at present: In the latest survey from the Pew Research Center and USA Today, 54 percent of individuals polled stated that President B. Hussein Obama is not strong on foreign policy and a mere third of respondents approve of how he has dealt with Iraq and Russia.

Obama’s broad, vague and general statements Thursday were apparently designed to splash cold water on the warnings he should have heeded, which were issued last week by his military team. The unpopular President also evaded answering a question regarding whether Russian troops fighting in Ukraine was technically “an invasion.” However, the line that will most definitely highlight this chaotic era of American foreign policy was “we don’t have a strategy yet.” Most of us wonder if Mr. Obama ever had a clear strategy on anything other than golf, vacations, taking selfies and stirring up racial conflict.