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Many families opt for Alaskan cruise vacations

A cruise ship navigates the icy waters
A cruise ship navigates the icy waters
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Alaskan Cruises provide a unique opportunity for families, couples and individuals. This is because such a cruise is not only exciting and memorable, but also educational. One can enjoy a close-up view of whales as they leap from the water, see a glacier in its natural environment or watch spectacular scenery not found anywhere else in the world. When choosing an Alaskan cruise, travelers should select one that offers the activities and amenities they feel are most important, and it is wise to review more than one option prior to making a final decision.

A family friendly cruise

Cruises that offer family-friendly activities, such as children’s programs, are good choices for those traveling with youngsters. In most cases, Alaskan cruises that provide these options have a staff of certified youth counselors on board to oversee the activities.

Certain lines guarantee that children’s activities will be available on all sailings, regardless of the time of year the family chooses take the vacation. With other lines, such activities may be seasonal, or only available if there is a specific number of children on board. It is wise for one to discuss these details with his or her travel agent when making the arrangements for the trip.

Couples cruises

Travelers can also choose a couples cruise, which is an ideal option for those seeking a romantic getaway. The outstanding Alaskan scenery is a perfect backdrop for a honeymoon, or an anniversary or engagement celebration. Candlelight dining, romantic music and special photo opportunities are frequently offered on such cruises.


Alaskan adventure cruises are another popular option for those planning a trip of this kind. Such getaways typically focus on sightseeing, whale watching and port excursions during which one can view the Alaskan wilderness. This alternative is worth considering, especially by those who enjoy sightseeing and exploring.

Many satisfied customers

Cruises traditionally have one of the highest ratings in the vacation industry regarding consumer satisfaction. Studies concerning this getaway venue indicate that families who take such a cruise for the first time almost always return for another cruise within two years of their initial trip. This is likely because of the vast array of amenities and activities offered by most major cruise lines. The more things there are to see and do, the better the chances that everyone in the party will have an enjoyable experience.

Monetary considerations

When planning such a trip, families and individuals should carefully outline a budget before choosing a cruise package. Cruises are virtually always all-inclusive, but one must be aware of the fact that taxes and port charges must generally be paid separately. If the trip is being booked through a traditional travel agency, it is wise to ask about such details in advance. Those who will be booking the cruise via the Internet should carefully read all the terms and conditions of any offer before finalizing a transaction.

Planning a cruise

It is always wise for one to plan his or her cruise in advance. Because of their popularity, Alaskan cruises tend to book to capacity very quickly, and spontaneous travelers are frequently left out if they wait too long to make reservations. As a general rule, it is a good idea to book such a getaway six months to a year in advance. Ultimately, a cruise to Alaska is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy a pleasant and memorable vacation.