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Many Bon Jovi songs ideal for Valentine's Day

It’s two days into Bon Jovi’s new “Because We Can” tour, and a couple of days away from Valentine’s Day: as you stroll into the overwhelming sea of red at the local supermarket, panic and guilt strike you like a dagger through the heart.

No shortage of love songs in the Bon Jovi music catalog
Photo Courtesy / JBJ Backstage

With all the excitement around the new CD “What About Now” and sleepless nights planning what shows you will attend, you completely forgot; but now, Bon Jovi, Valentine’s Day, Hotness, Romance.

The little light goes on in your head, and you realize Bon Jovi has been part of the soundtrack of Valentine’s Day for 30 years. How could you have forgotten?

Flushed by the images conjured in your mind by Bon Jovi and el dia del amor, you blitz the stores and head home feeling confident about the romancing you’ve got going on in your pretty little head.

Some of you will be into the Special Edition Pink Moet Chandon champagne and beluga caviar. Others more indulgent with a nice merlot paired with brie followed by a dessert loaded with the kind of sweet heat pair of edible undies can ignite.

Maybe you’re the kind of Valentine lover who thinks a hot way to spend the romantic day is to snuggle under the quilt with your honey, watching the Daytona 500 and eating Chinese food, stealing frenetic, passionate kisses and knowing gropes between caution flags and pit stops.

Indeed, love knows no bounds and assumes many shapes and forms.

Still for others it seemed like it took forever for you to pick out the right card. Not because you were distracted by visions of Bon Jovi in your head, but because there was an elderly couple standing right in front of the musical cards, bickering about prune juice versus a good laxative.

You know the cards. The ones you open up and they play a song-snippet hand-picked for your honey-bun.

Then it hits you.

What’s romance and seduction and 50 Shades of Valentine’s
Day without real music? Not Hallmark greeting card tunes but songs loaded with meaning and visions and heartfelt passion and yearning?

Really now. How could you? Must Bon Jovi think of EVERYTHING for you?

Well, lucky for you and your romantic aspirations Bon Jovi has written enough love songs over their career to set the mood for just about any Valentine’s Day celebration.

You name the situation or the mood, and Bon Jovi’s got YOUR soundtrack for it. So pay attention and listen-up, because all that planning won’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that sing!

What’s that? You say you’ve been inconsistent, erratic, distracted, and just plain bone-headed with the love in your life? Then check out “Misunderstood”:“

"You cried

I died

I should have shut my mouth, things headed south

As the words slipped off of my tongue, they sounded dumb,

If this old heart could take, it’d say you’re the one…"

If you’re more of a pure romantic, then there’s no way to go wrong with ‘Bed of Roses’, especially if you plan on lighting some candles, warming the KY Ultra, and sprinkling rose petals from the front door, through the house to the bedroom; or kitchen table; or roman tub; or washing machine; or...

“I want to lay you down in a bed of roses,

For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails

I want to be just as close is,

The Holy Ghost is,

And lay you down….on a bed of roses”.

Maybe you’re in a relationship that everyone in your life has warned you is going to end in disaster.

That could explain why your Dad answers the front door with a shotgun, or why your Mom is checking your text messages right now as you read this. Either way ‘Living In Sin’ is just what Dr. Bon Jovi ordered if your romance has porked off everyone around you:

“Baby can you tell me

Just where we fit in

I call it love, they call it living in sin

Is it you and me, or just the world we live in

I say we’re living in love, they say we’re living in sin”.

Perhaps you’re being visited this Valentine’s Day by the short-side of a long breakup.

You try to find the spot in your soul where the hurt ends and the possibility of new love begins, placating the emptiness in your heart with one Godiva chocolate truffle after another while the gruff Louis Armstrong-style vocal of drummer Tico Torres laments for you in ‘Only In My Dreams”:

"Tell me where you want to go

Tell me what you long to be

Are you longing for my touch?

If only in my dreams

We'll sing the love songs you once sung

Touch the stars they're all in reach

And I'll see the job gets done

If only in my dreams

Now I curse the daytime

When I'm alone at nighttime

'Cause I swore the sun shined just for you

And I know you anywhere

There ain't no pain, there ain't no tears

And if I have my way from the moment I get there…"

Finally, maybe you’re just a purist when it comes to love.

A hopeless romantic who just wants to wrap your arms around your baby with her shoeless feet on top of yours as you sway slowly back and forth in the moonlight on your terrace; staring into eyes that light up like Fourth of July sparklers when they look into your own, and you whisper along with Bon Jovi in her ear, “Always”:

“And I will love you baby, always

And I’ll be there forever and a day

I’ll be there til the stars don’t shine

Ti lthe heavens burst and

The words don’t rhyme

And I know when I die, you’ll be on my mind

And I’ll love you, Always”.


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