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Many angered by Obama's nonchalant attitude to Muslim terrorist threats

House and Senate Intelligence committee leaders pushed President Barack Obama to take action that is both strong and decisive against what they believe are serious, impending threats against the United States from Islamic State militant groups. Even Democrats apparently can no longer defend President B. Hussein Obama's “pussyfoot” approach to the threat of terrorist attacks on American soil.

The lawmakers, one Democratic and one Republican, put extreme pressure on the Administration to address the problem of Islamist fighters and terrorist groups who have seized substantial areas of both Iraq and Syria. Republican and Democratic lawmakers stated yesterday that the same militants are now turning their eyes toward Western Europe and America as their next targets, but these facts are essentially being ignored by our current commander-in-chief. Lawmakers cited Obama's almost nonchalant approach to this threat and demanded that a comprehensive strategy be developed to eradicate Islamic State terrorists and militant groups.

Michigan Republican Mike Rogers, a US Representative who heads the House Intelligence Committee referred to President Obama's foreign-policy as an “absolute free-fall." We the People agree. In a television interview, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat currently leading the Senate Intelligence Panel, gave a watered down version of Rogers' statement, claiming that perhaps Mr. Obama is "too cautious" in his approach to the violent Islamic State group. However, she went on to say with a bit more fervor that the Islamic State is an “extraordinarily dangerous” group of individuals who will kill with abandon whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Obama's “no strategy” attitude toward what may be the biggest threat the United States has ever faced has become sickening in the eyes of many US citizens. We are all left to wonder what would motivate an American President to possess such a blasé attitude toward the real and serious threats posed by violent Muslim militant groups intent on destroying the free world.