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Many ABC Shows Will Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Framed Hearts
Framed Hearts
website: Photographer: Shadow Rave

Yes, love is in the air. Love and Valentine’s Day is the theme for many upcoming ABC shows. This includes the following:

“Last Man Standing”: This show begins the celebration of Valentine’s Day on January 31, at 8:00 pm, ET. The plot of this show centers on a bouquet of roses that anonymously appears at the Baxter’s home. Who are the roses for and who sent them?

“Super Fun Night”: Kimmie is happy to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend. Yet, Richard seems to be sending her mixed messages. “Super Fun Night” airs at 9:30 on Wednesday, February 12.

“Be My Valentine Charlie Brown” This is the original 1975 classic Charlie Brown episode. It will air on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14 at 8:00, pm, ET. It will be followed by “A Charlie Brown Valentine,” which centers on the story of Charlie Brown calling the red headed girl and asking her to the dance.

Yes, love is in the air at ABC. Will it be enough to help their ratings and keep their viewers interested?