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Manti Te'o: Poor guy and his fake girlfriend

Manti T'eo and  fake girlfriend
Manti T'eo and fake girlfriend

Some people try to convince their friends that they really did date Justin Timberlake between the Mickey Mouse Club & the N'Sync years before Britney. Some people cuddle up to a pillow at night & pretend it's a person. Some people wear wedding rings at the bar or at work so people don't hassle them. Some people have online girlfriends who they have never met but say they have and they send messages to her on social media websites for everyone to see, then come to find out the girlfriend never existed in the first place. No? Not a common problem?

There is a story in the news about a football player whose grandmother & girlfriend passed away within 24 hours of each other. It was a very sad story, but he went on to play a great game against Michigan State a few days after anyway because "that's what his girlfriend would've wanted". The only thing is his girlfriend wasn't a real person. Someone made her up. He had tweets to her. She had social media accounts & she supposedly visited him in Hawaii. Either he was in on the hoax or he wasn't. If he knew about it & was in on it, don't give him the attention he was looking for. If it was a hoax, which is what he stands by; then, how embarrassing for him? Give him his privacy. Both of these scenarios say, don't look at him. One way of ignoring him is out of respect & one way is because he could've been a huge jerk trying to get the attention he wanted by making up a girlfriend & pretending she passed away to draw people's attention. Let the NFL draft do with him what it will & hopefully, he can find peace in whatever part he played in this hoax.

If you're feeling lonely after being had or having made up a significant other & getting caught, here are some suggestions for healing:

  • Buy a teddy bear & snuggle
  • Get a dog & snuggle
  • Go on a social media hiatus...things are getting a little weird for you
  • Talk to your mom or dad or parental figure about it.
  • Either way, ask someone you know for a hug


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