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Manslaughter charges against homeowner who shot armed burglar despite video

Justice in America for those who are defending their family and their home just went sideways in New York and has become more of an urban jungle. A man defended his family against five thugs who were at his home according to IJ Review. One burglar was armed, and even with surveillance footage proof clearly showing the burglar opening fire into Youssef Abdel-Gawad’s home, the prosecutor’s office refused to say self defense when he shot back, mortally wounding the home invader.

Huntington Station man  indicted on manslaughter charges for shooting armed home burglar
Photo Credit - Guns

For many New Yorkers as well as those around the nation, the actions of a man who was protecting his parents and other family members who were cowering inside as the perps advanced on the home, it should have been an open and shut case. But in Obama’s America, there is nothing open and shut about exercising a person’s U.S. Constitutional Second Amendment rights.

For Abdel-Gawad’s who is being charged with manslaughter by the District Attorney’s Office in Huntington Station, N.Y. the claim of self-defense is off the table. The district attorney is saying that the dead man was running away from him. To add insult to injury is according to IJ Review the prosecutor is claiming, that maybe there was not even a shot fired, despite the fact that there is a clear flash from the burglar’s gun on the surveillance video.

This type of nonsensical games playing with a person’s constitutional right to defend oneself is certainly not shared in other jurisdictions like the City of Detroit, where Police Chief James Craig last week warned criminals , “in Detroit should know they shouldn’t just be afraid of the police — they should also be afraid of responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their homes,according to Free Patriot.

Somehow this message which is as old as the country has been lost in translation and the prosecutor’s actions actually appear to welcome would-be B&E artists to your home. When the innocent are punished as Abdel-Gawad is for protecting his family it will have a chilling effect upon other legal gun owners in New York. If they pause when confronted by a criminal breaking into their home those scant precious seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Just ask Abdel-Gawad and his family.

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