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Mans torso being burned in Groveland

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An update to the article from yesterday, Friday 1/3/2014:

Excerpt from Friday article:

One person is under arrest by Stockton Police, and another is being sought for questioning. Friday January 3, 2013 Stockton Police were alerted to a possible homicide at 4500 Mist Trail Dr. in Stockton, the residents however had moved from the home.

From MML: "The deputies located the suspect and also a body. At this time we don't have the body identified, but I can say that it is an adult male and right now the cause of death is unknown." stated Stockton Police Public Information Officer Joe Silva

Saturday 1/4/2014: From SPD Facebook page

On arriving at an address in Groveland, Ca. yesterday, Stockton Police and Tuolumne County Sheriff Deputies found Bryan Cook at a campsite. Cook's car was also on scene. At the campsite, Cook was reported as burning a man's torso in a campfire, while responding officers report more body parts wee found in Cook's vehicle after a search warrant was obtained for the campsite area..

Initially officers were trying to find Valentina Taz for questioning, although she was not a suspect. Taz was found, questioned and released by detectives.

The crime scene in Stockton was reported as "bloody" but with no body at the scene. The absence of the body combined with evidence or information at the Stockton scene led officers to the address in Groveland.

The victim of the crime is only known to be a white male at this time, no further identification appears possible without forensic investigations being completed.


Valentina Taz has also been reported at Stockton PD Facebook as arrested by Stockton Police in connection with the homicide of an unknown male victim.



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