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Manpower Reports on Worldwide Talent Shortage

Currently the Department of Labor reports there are over 9 million unemployment Americans and unemployment at 6.1%. On the surface things seem to be moving in the right direction. However, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) has been reporting each month through the LINE report that companies are having difficulty finding talent and remains difficulty. As a result of this disconnect there are jobs that go unfilled each month despite millions who are unemployed.

The shortage of talent appears to be growing and expanding to include the entire world. ManpowerGroup released their report on the 2014 Talent Shortage Survey. This report is the ninth annual Talent Shortage Survey showing that employers throughout the world continue to have difficulty finding talent. Among the key findings include 36% of global employers are having difficulty filling jobs. Among the global employers half report the talent shortage has impacted the ability to meet client needs. Sourcing talent is more difficult than the previous year.

According to ManpowerGroup CEO, Jonas Prising “Talent shortages continue to persist and are impeding employer's ability to deliver value for their customers. Due to the lack of applicants with the right technical competencies, experience and soft skills, one out of three employers struggle to fill open roles.” Jonas Prising goes on to say “For nearly a decade skilled trades and STEM positions are among the top 10 hardest jobs to fill, both globally and in the U.S.”

The Talent Shortage Survey has U.S. Employers reporting that 40% have difficulty filing positions. For the last five years skilled trades has been the most difficult jobs to fill. Surprisingly, the talent shortage is limited to STEM jobs. Among the top ten hardest jobs to fill following the skilled trades are shortages of Restaurant & Hotel Staff, Sales Representatives, Teachers and Drivers and Laborers. To view the full ManpowerGroup go to Talent Shortage Survey.

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