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Manny Pacquiao sure to notch second "victory" over Tim Bradley in Vegas

Michael Marley sees no way, no how sliding Pacman loses to lesser talent Bradley
Michael Marley sees no way, no how sliding Pacman loses to lesser talent Bradley
Photo by Alexis Cuarezma/Getty Images

It's hard to believe that Tim Bradley believes what he keeps saying.
"Eight to four, eight to four, eight to four."
That's Bradley's party line about how he actually, really and truly Billy Dooley won his first fight against Manny Pacquiao.
I shudder to think if Bradley computes his own taxes. I was there when they fought the first time at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and, like most seasoned observers, I gave more than 10 rounds to Pacman. In fact, I scored it 11-1, Pacquiao.
But some odious judges delivered an odious decision and Bradley got the official stinkeroo victory. He left the ring to a howling chorus of derision.
Now, they do it again Saturday night, and you have to wonder if the bruising Bradley took in a victory over Russian brawler Ruslan Provodnikov will affect him in the rematch with Manny. Yes, Manny got flattened by Juan Manuel Marquez, but a one punch KO will not have the aftershocks that the pounding Bradley took against Provodnikov might.
Unless he is really shotski, and I highly doubt that, Pacquiao should be even more dominant against Bradley this time. Call it an undebatable UD 12 for the Pinoy Idol.
I don't see any knockdowns looming on either side and Bradley will have some moments. But they will be rare ones.
Pacquiao is a superstar on the downward slide, I concede this.
But Bradley is just a slightly better than average guy who keeps landing in the right spot.
Bradley will leave the ring a physically sore loser but he will get applause not hooting and insults in this rematch.
This will be, it should be said, Pacquiao's second victory over Bradley.
I mean, come on, fair is fair...even in boxing?

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