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Manning symbolizes the greatness of America

Peyton Manning at the Super Bowl
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Even in defeat Peyton Manning exemplified class and professionalism. After a resounding dismantling by the Seattle Seahawks, when the wounds had to be painfully bleeding, Peyton in interview after interview defended his teammates and put a positive face on the incredible amount of work it took to arrive at this stage. He defended everyone in his locker room illustrating that he respected the work and time they devoted to each other in order to get Denver to this championship game.

Though reporters want to infuse blame and dissention, Peyton held steadfast to his message that Denver got beat as a unit, no individual player was to blame. When one reporter asked him was he embarrassed by the defeat, Peyton stood strong proclaiming that to be embarrassed meant that he and his team did something wrong. He went on to say that they just got beat by a better Seattle team tonight, which was not an indication of their failure but a glorification of Seattle’s success. He showed that there were no losers last night, just a great winner.

We should all learn from Peyton’s comments. Our nation should not be viewed as a zero sum gain; the successes of one group do not have to result from the failures of another. We must not continue to put a wedge between each other just because we differ on how to achieve our more perfect union. We have to realize that we all have the same goal of the American Dream, and although some may be more prepared than others to reach it, our nation is better off if everyone has an opportunity to attain their dreams.

All Americans whether white, black, yellow or brown want to take care of their families and reach for the stars. The genius of our Constitution is that it promotes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, providing all those willing to work hard the hand up to reach their dreams. It does not matter if you are poor, tired or hungry, America will give you an opportunity to strive.

Peyton, fresh off his defeat, looked to the future. He said he planned to learn from this defeat and come back next year, to compete for the title again, as he has done whenever he has faced defeat before. We, as American should do the same, not blame those who have been defeated but help them so they can learn to be successful.

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