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Mankind wants to negotiate the standard for entrance in heaven

The Bible teaches only one way to heaven, but many opposing philosophies want that standard negotiated.
The Bible teaches only one way to heaven, but many opposing philosophies want that standard negotiated.

Let’s face it, mankind always wants an escape clause, more latitude, special exemptions, and options for everything….including getting into heaven.

One reason there is general rebellion against God’s standards is because it is in man’s nature to rebel against authority. Having only one standard for heaven just is not inclusive enough for those clinging to the philosophy that all roads lead to Rome.

Unfortunately God does not grade on a curve, particularly when the Almighty has a zero tolerance of sin, another sticking point with the modern age that frowns on any form of intolerance. Not being acceptable to any life choice just is not inclusive enough for those with relative standards to right and wrong.

There are tons of people both with and without religion that are card carrying members to the church of liberalism, a belief system that can loosen or water down the standards of anything. One can find pockets of the church of liberalism operating in the most conservative traditional church settings.

When one inspects the secularization of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or Christians, the ongoing theme is a liberalization of the interpretation of doctrine.

Bible standards are being relaxed or done away with, conviction of sin has been replaced with feeling comfortable with messages that are non-confrontational, and the most damning lie being promoted is that we all worship the same God and we all are going to the same place eternally.

The Christian standard for entrance into heaven is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Savior. Jesus Himself declared that “nobody can come to the Father except through Me” which gives closure to any other method. The Tabernacle in the desert during the wanderings of the Jews had one entrance, a shadow of the promised salvation that would eventually take place.

The Ten Commandments’ “thou shall have no other gods before Me” and absolute statement by God about not sharing His glory with any other clearly distinguishes God alone. Israel was consistently rebuked and punished by Yahweh God for bringing in foreign deities. The showdown on Mt. Carmel with the false prophets of Baal and Asherah unequivocally demonstrates what God thinks of other false gods.

In spite of all of the undeniable facts that only one true God exists with one way given for redemption through Jesus Christ, there still are efforts to legitimize other ways into heaven. There are still efforts to coattail other deities into heaven under the smokescreens of inclusiveness, acceptance, and tolerance.

These new theological standards may tickle the ear of those hoping to bypass God’s standard, however it is a grievous sham to those that believe they have found a backdoor into heaven. The deception of exception to God’s rules will be damage beyond repair.

Agents of darkness are looking to do anything possible to destroy individuals and to wreck God’s desire that everyone be saved is the ultimate goal of the adversary Lucifer. Many deities and human philosophies are initiated and empowered by Satan to pull as many as possible into the judgment oblivion.

The Bible is one of the few publications that establishes absolute truth on a variety of subjects. Resistance to the word of God comes from those having rebellious spirits, stubborn hearts, or have been deceived by seducing spirits. Rejecting God’s standard of having Christ as the only way to heaven is a culminating consequence of rejecting all other edicts of God.

Man cannot have a say in the construct of God’s salvation plan and destination to heaven and that irritates many. One would rather take their marbles and go home than to submit to any authority.

There is no negotiating with God as He has set the standard and merely asks, “Are you in or out?”

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